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2021 February Friendlies vs. Maryland

Event Location
U17-U12 age groups: 
Publix Virginia Soccer Training Center (PVSTC)
PVSTC Field Map

Event Team Selections

Virginia Boys
Virginia Girls

February Friendlies
February 27 (U17-U13 BOYS)
February 27 (U12 BOYS & U12 GIRLS)
February 28 (U17-U13 GIRLS)

All players and coaches attending the games must complete the COVID Wellness Form.  The form will open Friday, Feb 26 @ 10am.

U17-U13 Boys Game Schedule (Feb 27) - To Be Announced

U12 Boys Game Schedule (Feb 27)      U12 Girls Game Schedule (Feb 27) 
Game TimeTeamsField Game TimeTeamsField
8:00amMD 09B 1 v. VA 09B 43a 8:00amMD 09G 1 v. VA 09G 13b
9:15amMD 09B 2 v. VA 09B 23a 9:15amMD 09G 2 v. VA 09G 23b
10:30amMD 09B 3 v. VA 09B 33a 10:30amMD 09G 3 v. VA 09G 33b
11:45amMD 09B 4 v. VA 09B 13a 11:45amSAC v. VA 09G 43b
1:00pmMD 09B 1 v. VA 09B 23a 1:00pmMD 09G 1 v. VA 09G 23b
2:15pmMD 09B 2 v. VA 09B 43a 2:15pmMD 09G 2 v. VA 09G 13b
3:30pmMD 09B 3 v. VA 09B 13a 3:30pmMD 09G 3 v. VA 09G 43b
4:45pmMD 09B 4 v. VA 09B 33a 4:45pmSAC v. VA 09G 33b

U17-U13 Girls Game Schedule (Feb 28) - To Be Announced


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