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Reminders and Responsibilities

The VYSA National Championship Series (VYSA NCS) Welcome Letter, which is sent to all teams following the Seeding/Draw Meeting, is a MUST read each year - things change along the way and you want to be sure to have the most up-to-date information.  This letter can be found under the Administration drop down tab under National Championship Series.  A lot has changed this year with the introduction of the Affinity system!! We recommend that you print the letter and keep it handy.

Once the VYSA NCS Committee posts the schedule for the next weekend of play. if your team has a conflict with a club game, the team manager is responsible for notifying the respective league of the VYSA NCS game conflict.  Check with your league on their procedures. 

The HOME team (whether they are playing on their home field or not) is responsible for contacting the AWAY team at least 3 days prior to game day to confirm directions, jersey colors, etc.

The HOME team of first and last Games at each site must take care of any Field Set Up or Take Down responsibilities as rquired by their club. The “designated” HOME team is ALWAYS the responsible party, whether they are playing on their own “home” field, at an opponent’s field, or at an alternate facility.  We recommend that you always have extra Velcro strips or Cable Ties on hand in case a net needs to be tighten-up.  Some extra camping tent stakes can come in handy too if the referee wants the net to be more or less taunt in the back.  Your motto has to be – BE PREPARED!

The HOME team is responsible for bringing 3 Match Quality Inflated Balls to all games.

BOTH teams are responsible for trash detail at end of their game field. Each team should bring several trash bags with them to every game.  DO NOT leave the field without double checking that ALL trash has been picked up.  It is not the responsibility of the game after you to pick up your trash.  

BOTH teams are responsible for supplying their Official Game Rosters to the referee crew at Team Check-In.  The Official Game Roster for each team serves as their Official State Cup roster.  Electronic versions are NOT acceptable.  The Official Game Roster can be printed from the Affinity system 2 days prior to your scheduled game - instructions are included under the Game Day Information page.

BOTH teams must have their laminated player and team official passes at every game.  The referee MUST check the player and team official passes during the team check-in prior to start of the game.  Electronic versions of the VYSA Official Game Roster or player/team official passes are not acceptable.

The WINNING team must retrieve the completed/signed Official Game Rosters (both home AND away) from the referees prior to departing the field, and mail both documents to Anne Thompson at the address listed at the bottom of the Official Game Roster as soon as possible.

The WINNING team must Log In to the Affinity system and record the game score prior to departing the field.  Please keep you Affinity Login and Password with you so that you can do this! 

*If an ejection occurs for your team during the game, the responsible Team Coach or Manager MUST call the Cup Chair (Cathy Mann: 703-447-0139) to report the ejection.  The information required includes the Game Number, the Age Group, the Name of the Team, the Name of the individual ejected (player or team official), and the Jersey #, if a player.  Timely receipt of this information is critical as it is needed to ensure that the required sit-outs are carried through in the next game.

*Red Card Sit-outs from prior play must be followed through on and noted on the Official Game Roster with and “R” noted under the “Check-In” column.  It is the responsibility of the Team Coach to ensure that required sit-outs are served.  The VYSA NCS Committee will verify that the sit outs have been served via inclusion of the individual's information on the Official Game Roster and the referee initialling off attesting to the sit-out. If you have new players on your team, it is highly recommended that you check the Red Card List to determine whether they are carrying a Red Card from their previous team that must be served in their first game with your team.  An updated Red Card List can be found under the Administration drop down tab under National Championship Series.

Team Contact Lists

Below is the link to the Team Contact Lists (coach and team manager) for the Fall 2020 Cup competition.  This is an excel workbook listed by Age Group.  This information is pulled directly from the Affinity tournament applications.  

2020 Fall State Cup Team Contact List

HOW TO: Add Players, Print Rosters, View Schedules, Report Scores and Find Venue Info

  • How to Add Players to Your Official Game Roster Prior to the Freeze Date - CLICK HERE
  • How to Print Official Game Roster, View Schedules, and Reports Scores in Affinity - CLICK HERE
  •  Locating Venue/Field Directions and Associated Google Map -

To locate the actual street address and Google Map directions for the venue your team will play at, follow these directions:

1.      Go to the Main State Cup page where the brackets are listed by age Group.  Click on the Age Group for your Bracket.  The view that shows is called “Ladder Display.”

2.      To the left of the words “Ladder Display” is “Bracket.”  Click on “Bracket.”  The view that shows is a list of all games.

3.      Find your game and click on the name of the “Venue” you will play at.  For example, “Morven Park” or “HRSC”.  This will display venue information such as the physical street address.

4.      Just below the street address, there is a choice to “View Map”.  If you click on the words “Google Map,” a new browser window will open and take you to Google Map specific to the venue location you selected.


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