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Roster Limitations

US Youth Soccer Association Rule 205. ROSTER LIMITATIONS 

Section 1.  Except as otherwise provided by Rule 105- every team shall have a team roster and will present a game roster for every match or competition.

Section 2.  The team roster shall be approved by the State Association where the team resides. The team roster may have up to 22 youth players on the team roster at any given time during the seasonal year. Every team roster shall have a minimum of 7 players on the roster at all times.  (see VYSA Variance below)
Section 3.  The game roster shall be prepared by the team and submitted to the competition authority at a time designated by that authority.  The game roster shall have a maximum of 18 players and a minimum of 7 players.  Every player listed on the game roster must be included on the team roster to be eligible to participate with the team except for tournament competitions that may accept guest players.
As allowed by US Youth Soccer Association Rule 105, VYSA has approved a variance to item (2) of Rule 205 as follows:
(2)  At any given time during the seasonal year: 9/10U may not have more than 12 youth players on its roster; 11/12U may not have more than 16 players on its roster; 13U may not have more than 18 players; and 14U and older may not have more than 22 players on its roster..  There are no minimum numbers of players.  A VYSA Travel League may have additional restrictions on roster size.
Please note:  VYSA Teams applying to tournaments must make sure the copy of their league roster submitted to the tournament meets the rostering requirements of the tournament.

Policy on Recreation Team Roster Limitations 

approved by the VYSA Board of Directors at the January 21, 2004 Board meeting:
Finding it to be in the best interest of developing soccer within the jurisdiction of the Virginia Youth Soccer Association, Inc. (VYSA), to permit a variance in the maximum number of players that may be on the roster of a recreational team, VYSA adopts the following policy:

1. Members of VYSA having recreation programs are authorized to have recreational team rosters of not more than 35 players on each recreational team roster.

2. The member may authorize recreational team rosters of less than 35 players, or the member may authorize different maximum numbers of players (not to exceed 35) on those team rosters based on age groups of the member.

3. The maximum number of players on a recreational team roster must be the same for all recreational teams of the member, or, if the member provides for different maximum numbers based on age groups, the maximum number must be the same for all recreational teams in an age group.


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