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Game Day/Presidents Cup Roster

Make sure that you have printed the correct roster for these games. Your league roster will not be accepted for play.

The correct roster will have your game information, team names, game number, field, etc at the top and will say this...
2018 Presidents Cup
Official Game Roster

Check your roster carefully after printing to make sure all active player names are printed.

Remember that once your team has played in one Presidents Cup game you may make no additional changes to your Presidents Cup roster until the VYSA Presidents Cup competition is over.

Player and Team Official Passes

All of your players and team officials must have a player or team official pass printed from the Affinity system.

Red Card Sit Out

Check the red card sit out list (below on this page). All teams should check this list. You may have a new player or a club passes player that will need to serve a sitout.  Make sure that any player or team official that is required to sit out is checked on the roster and brought to the attention of the referee. The referee will initial this sit out. An ineligible player on the field, or a coach on the team bench will result in a forfeit for the team.

Pets at a Field

Most fields do not allow pets at the field. If you are unsure, you can contact the home team to check.  The Virginia Soccer Training Center does not allow pets. Service animals are allowed if there is a certificate or identifying harness or vest.

Score Reporting

At the end of the game within 30 minutes the winning team must collect both team’s Official Game Roster and log in to the Affinity system and report the game score.  The instructions for this have been emailed to every team and can be found on line on the Presidents Cup web page.  Please report as soon as you can.  We can’t schedule the following week without these game scores.

Mailing the Official Game Rosters

The address to use to mail the Official Game Rosters is printed at the bottom of the roster. These need to go in the mail no later than Monday after the game. (a note on the change from the photo of the game card used last year—many of the rosters we received were too big, too small, too blurry, would print on more than one page, etc.) We needed a more official game report form and the mailing will get that to us.



For the WINNING teams - Below you will find a link to instructions for Scoring your games in the Affinity system. All scores are entered on-line; please keep your Affinity login information close at hand so that you can record your score prior to leaving the field.

Game Scoring through Affinity Systems


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