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Presidents Cup Red Cards

A Reminder to all Players, Managers, and Coaches:

Be sure to check the Red Card List    If you have received a Red Card in a previous Presidents Cup match, State Cup or Regionals, you are required to serve a Sit Out in the very next Presidents Cup game that you participate with.
Therefore, check the list carefully.  The VYSA Presidents Cup Committee makes every effort to keep the list correct and up-to-date, but that all depends on the RED CARD being reported correctly and on time.  If for whatever reason you received a RED CARD and it does not appear on the list, that in no way removes the obligation of serving the Sit Out.

VYSA Presidents Cup Competition:

VSA 03/02B Premier Red
Player - Grady Bachman - red card received 10/17/2020 - Game #694635

McLean 03/02 Boys Green
Player - Franco Scartascini - red card received 10/17/2020 - Game #694636

SYA Cardinals 94B White
Player - Jonathan Kronimus - red card received 10/17/2020 - Game #694622

Team America - Bata 2004
Player - Jeevan Braggs - red card received 10/17/2020 - Game #694622

VAR Rush- U16B
Players Ashton Russo-red card received 9/26/2020 Game #  694603

HERN Estudiantes Red - U15B
Player Allen Gutierrez - red card received 9/26/2020, Game #694807

VSA 05B Premier Red - U16B 
PlayerAlexander Shawky - red card received 9/26/2020, Game #694597

NPC Soccer Club-07B
Player #3 Roman Dembicki  red card received 9/14/19 game # 292073

SYC Lions 03B Orange U17B
Player #35 David Mendez red card received 9/14/19  game # 292139

Reston 02 United...
Player #21 Leul Mehari  red card received 9/16/17 game #1602

 Regional Competition:

Player ‐ Logan Neves – jersey #28

 Boys 13 team: Stafford Revolution 05 Blue

 Red card received in the semi‐final match


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