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Policy On Misconduct By Coaches

July 1, 2000

Section 1. In this policy:

  • Examples of misconduct that arise under subparagraph (A) of this paragraph (3) include the following: confronting the referee without physically threatening the referee; spitting on the ground or in the air but not at the referee; throwing or kicking an item as a sign of disrespect or dissent but without the chance of hitting the referee; re-entering the field. These are only some of the examples of possible misconduct and are not all-inclusive.

(1) "coach" means a coach, assistant coach, team manager, or other team official.
(2) "Federation" means the United States Soccer Federation, Inc.
(3) "misconduct at a referee" means persistent statements or physical acts at a referee at a game, that do not constitute referee assault or abuse as provided under Federation Policy 531-9, but that mistreat the referee or are inappropriate or unacceptable statements or acts, and include the following:

  • (i) excessive incidences of foul or abusive language at the referee.
    (ii) statements that diminish the authority of the referee.
    (iii) statements or acts that serve to intimidate without threatening physical harm to the referee.
(4) "referee" means the following:
  • (A) any currently registered Federation referee, assistant referee, 4th official, or other individual appointed to assist in officiating a game; (B) any non-licensed, non-registered individual serving in an emergency capacity as a referee as provided by Federation Policy 531-8; and (C) any club assistant referee.
(5) "VYSA" means the Virginia Youth Soccer Association, Inc.

Section 2. This policy only applies to a coach in the following situations:

  • (1) if a proceeding is brought against the coach for referee assault or abuse, or both, under Federation Policy 531-9; or
    (2) if the coach is ejected from a game and, after the ejection, engages in conduct that is misconduct under this policy.

Section 3. If a coach is found to have committed misconduct under this policy, the coach shall be suspended at least the next 3 scheduled games. This suspension is in addition to any other suspension that may be imposed on the coach by a club or league.

Section 4. The Board of Directors of VYSA delegates to the VYSA Adjudication Committee its authority to carry out this policy. In carrying out this policy, the Committee shall conduct hearings and follow hearing procedures applicable to allegations of referee abuse. A decision of the Committee is a final decision of VYSA.


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