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Specific help topics can be found in the Soccer Connect Help Center

Club Admins/Registrars Help Guides:
Getting Started Guide
Setting Up the Season
• Adding Technical Staff to All Rosters
• Printing Cards for Club Technical Staff
• Player Release and Transfer (within club or between clubs)

Options for Adding Players
Manually Adding Players
Uploading Players into the new Seasonal Year

Options for Adding Team Officials
• Manually Adding Team Officials
• Uploading Team Officials with Approved Risk Status
• Send your club link with these:  Background Check Instructions

Team Manager Help Guides
• Team Manager Guide
Preparing the Player Upload template

Player Template
Admin Template

FLEXIBLE ROSTERING FOR 9U-11U:  Click here for more info
If your club would like to register teams in the "Virginia Non-League Cup Team" or "11U & Younger Pool Roster" Leagues for the 2021-2022 year, please email Kristen so these leagues can be added to your club in Affinity.  

Registration Contact Information

Kristen Osteen
Manager of Member Services
Phone: 540-693-1430 x223
Fax: 540-693-1440
[email protected]

Krista Lenzemeier
VYSA Travel Registrar
[email protected]

Refund Policy

Player Registration Cancellation and Refund Policy
No refunds will be allowed for registration fees associated with travel players or team officials once the team and/or additional players are activated on the roster.

No refunds will be allowed for recreational players once player data is submitted to VYSA.

Upon submitting data and/or rosters are activated, the player and team officials are covered by insurance for the entire seasonal year.


1.  Create your Rec player data in the Rec Template following the directions below.  
2.  Once complete, send your Player Data to Kristen

It is not necessary to build Recreational teams in Soccer Connect, but Recreation Rosters and Passes are available in Soccer Connect.
Teams are created similar to travel teams, but have no activation requirements.  Contact Kristen for assistance creating Rec teams, rosters and passes in Soccer Connect. 

If you would like to print Rec passes outside of Soccer Connect on US Youth cardstock, please email Kristen with the number of passes you need and a mailing address.  
Clubs are responsible for printing Recreational rosters and player cards required for tournaments. 

Registration fees for players are due each Fall and Spring:
Fall player fees are due by October 1st
Spring player fees are due April 15. 

Please include the Recreational Payment Form  with your payment

Uploading Club Recreational PLAYER Data
Uploading Club Recreational ADMIN Data


Player Upload Template
• Admin Upload Template
• Template to Upload Recreational Coaches in Trusted Employees
Recreational Payment Form
 Recreational Team Permission to Travel
 Blank Rec Roster


To request COI's for the current seasonal year (September 1, 2021 - August 31, 2022) please submit a request to Kristen with the following:
Please allow 24-48 hours to receive the requested COI

1.  Full name of club
2.  Full Name and Address to be listed as the Certificate Holder. 


Virginia Youth Soccer Association 10705 Spotsylvania Ave, Suite 201
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22408 Phone: 540-693-1430
Email: [email protected]

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