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2019 Champions & Finalists

Age Group ChampionFinalist
 U12 Girls 
Churchland Sparks

SYC Pride Orange
 U12 Boys 
PWSI Pride

Herndon Ajax
 U13 Girls 
McLean Green 

Arlington White
 U13 Boys
 BAC United

Beach FC Black
 U14 Girls 
Beach FC Black

Arlington White
 U14 Boys 
McLean Green

Beach FC Dempsey
 U15 Girls 
Burke Strikers

Beach FC Black
 U15 Boys
McLean Green

Arlington White
 U16 Girls
Beach FC Black

VSA Premier Red
 U16 Boys
Loudoun Black

Beach FC Eusebio
 U17 Girls
Vista Freedom FC

Beach FC Black
 U17 Boys
Team America FC

Arlington Red
 U18 Boys 
Leesburg FC

McLean Green


Presidents Cup was seeded with the first and second place teams with additional placement and draw for those teams not seeded and home and away locations were drawn at random for all team not seeded 1 and 2.  The results of the draw for each age group are posted here. Check your age group bracket for information about your team. The team listed first in the bracket is the home team.

Semifinal Schedule Posted

Master List of Brackets – Click Here

U12 Boys – Click Here                 U12 Girls – Click Here

U13 Boys – Click Here                 U13 Girls – Click Here

U14 Boys – Click Here                 U14 Girls – Click Here

U15 Boys – Click Here                 U15 Girls – Click Here

U16 Boys – Click Here                 U16 Girls – Click Here

U17 Boys – Click Here                 U17 Girls – Click Here

U18 Boys – Click Here


All emails will be sent through the Affinity email system and may go into your spam folder. As we begin the competition and the emails are being sent to each of you, check the spam folder regularly so you don’t miss important information.  There is very important information in emails and it will make your administrative details and game information so much easier.

Refund Policy

President’s Cup Cancellation and Refund Policy

Partial Cancellation:
If the event is cancelled in part, the Tournament Committee reserves the right to refund teams that have not yet kicked off or give credit towards future events. Any potential refunds will be determined at the conclusion of the event.

Complete Cancellation:
Should VYSA need to cancel the event in its entirety due to unforeseen circumstances or causes beyond our control, participants will be notified as soon as possible and refunds will be determined by the Cup Committee after all tournament expenses have been paid.

Virginia Presidents Cup
Fall 2020 and Spring 2021

NEW: US Youth Soccer has added U19 or 2002 players to the U18 age group for the Presidents Cup for the year 2020/2021 only. This will give the players who missed their last year of competition a chance to make up for the season they missed in 2019/2020.. 

NEW:  The Fall 2020 Presidents Cup competition is for the U18/U19, U17, U16 and U15 boys and girls. This year we have split the older and younger age groups. The U14, U13 and U12 boys and girls competition will be held in the Spring.

here to view Presidents Cup Fall 2020 Calendar

The entry fee for Presidents Cup competition is $400. This fee is paid by credit card online.  The following is required by the appropriate deadline, September 3, 2020.
(1) A completed online application form with an online credit card payment. No other form of payment will be accepted.  
(2) A "sync'ed" roster in the Presidents Cup application (tournament) side of the Affinity system with those players who will play on the Presidents Cup team marked as "Active."  Note - that due to the system automating the rostering process, we have removed the requirement for teams to send in a copy of their Presidents Cup roster to the State Office. 

You may log into the Presidents Cup application page and finish the application, submit it and pay before you have a completed Presidents Cup roster. You will need to revisit you application prior to the Presidents Cup application deadline of September 3 at 4PM EDT to ensure that you have sync'ed the latest version of your roster including any club pass player updates and marked those players who will comprise your Presidents Cup roster as "Active".  You are allowed to set up to 22 players as "Active".  These "active" players will freeze at the time of your first VYSA Presidents Cup game..
Your league roster will not be acceptable for Presidents Cup entry.

It is highly recommended that the team official completing the application print out the application instructions at the link below.  This document provides step by step instructions.  Also below is the link to the Affinity system where you apply for Presidents Cup.

Application instructions -  click here   
Affinity Link -

The online application form for entry (which includes the credit card payment) must be in the hands of the VYSA State Office no later than 4:00 PM EDT on Thursday, September 3, 2020.  Any application that does not meet the deadline requirements will be returned.
A completed application includes the application form filled out online, the $400 fee paid by credit card online, and a "sync'ed roster.  It is always the responsibility of the coach of an applying team to confirm that his/her team has successfully met this deadline.

Any team of a member of US Youth Soccer and VYSA (with US Youth Soccer player passes), is eligible to enter any one age group corresponding to the age of the oldest player on its roster. The eligible leagues include all VYSA member leagues and additionally the US Youth Soccer EDP and EDP second level conference leagues, both team and club leagues.

All Presidents Cup rosters are frozen at the time of the team’s first game of the VYSA Presidents Cup competition.
   All players who are eligible for any level of the competition in the Presidents Cup Championship, State, Regional and National must be US Youth Soccer players rostered to your club by the appropriate freeze date.  At freeze date, those players who are on the frozen roster are the only players eligible to compete in the VYSA Presidents Cup portion of this National event.  A team may have no more than five transferred players on its Presidents Cup roster. A team may compete in only one Presidents Cup competition during a seasonal year. 


U18/19    January 1, 2002 and younger State, Regional and National Competition
U17,         January 1, 2004 and younger State, Regional and National Competition
U16,         January 1, 2005 and younger State Regional and National Competition
U15,         January 1, 2006 and younger State, Regional and National Competition

The Virginia Presidents Cup Championship Rules and the National Presidents Cup Policies are on the VYSA Web Site. It is the responsibility of the team to access these rules and become familiar with them. You must go to the Presidents Cup Rules to be aware of the rules as you apply for Presidents Cup
In order to keep all teams up to date on game schedules, results and sometimes changes to fields and times, it is very important for each team to provide a primary contact and an email address. During the competition, the administrative information will be distributed by email through the Sports Connect (Affinity) email system. The game schedules and game results will be available on the VYSA Web Site. VYSA has a Web Site for your convenience and information. All of the Presidents Cup forms, the 2020-2021 seasonal Year Cup Calendar and the VYSA Presidents Cup Rules are available to view here

Presidents Cup Director:  Anne Thompson
Home 703 569-0543
Cell   703-963-4583
E-Mail: [email protected]

VYSA State Office
10705 Spotsylvania Ave Suite 201
Fredericksburg, VA 22408
 Email: [email protected]
Phone: 540-693-1430 x223
Fax:  540-693-1440


Virginia Youth Soccer Association 10705 Spotsylvania Ave, Suite 201
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22408 Phone: 540-693-1430
Email: [email protected]

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