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Presidents Cup for 2018-2019

Presidents Cup for 2018-2019

The Presidents Cup competition is held in the Fall of each year for all age groups U12-U18 boys and girls. Play took place September and October and the Presidents Cup championship games were held on November 4. 

The State Champions will compete again at the East Regional Championships in Charleston and Barboursville, West Virginia over the weekend of June 14-18, 2019.  The Regional champions in the U13-U18 age groups will go on to the Presidents Cup National Championship in Murfreesboro, TN July 10-14, 2019.

We wish our Presidents Cup teams all the best as they play in the Regional and National competitions.

Presidents Cup for the Fall of 2019

Applications for Presidents Cup for the Fall of 2019 will be available on line at during the last week in July 2019.  We look forward to a very competitive 2019-2020 season.

Presidents Cup Player and Coach Additions

(1)    Player passes for “Club Passed” players – Player passes for “Club Passed” players must be obtained by contacting the coach or manager of the player’s club team.  Their club team can print an extra pass from the Affinity system for you. Any new player to a Presidents Cup Championship team must have been a member of the team’s club prior to the teams first game of 2018 Presidents Cup competition. 

(2)    Jersey numbers for current league players and  “Club Passed” players – All player jersey numbers must be individual. No jersey numbers can be the same.

(3)    Adding team officials--If you have a team official whose name does not print on the roster and they want to be one of the 4 officials on the team bench during the game, add their name in the team official area in pen and make sure they have a current team official pass with them to show to the referee.

If your team has played one Presidents Cup game you must continue to play each additional game in the State competition with the exact same roster.  The only change you may make to the roster is adding team officials or releasing a player.

Remember that no player on a Presidents Cup roster may play in the State Cup round of 8 or the quarter final round.  Make sure that any Presidents Cup rostered player that is club passed to a State Cup team is released prior to the State Cup round of 8 on October 13.


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