Hosting a Tournament & Other Important Information

Remember Referee Assignors MUST be certified through the State Referee Office and United States Soccer Federation. If you are not sure if they are certified you may contact the referee office at 703-491-1717

Refer to the attached checklist below for items to be submitted when requesting approval to host a tournament.
Please refer to the US Youth Soccer Travel & Tournament Manual for information. The form for VYSA Team Types gives definitions of different types of teams. VYSA requires that a maximum number of guest players be identified.
Virginia has a national reputation for good soccer. We want our visitors and our own teams to speak highly of the tournaments they attend in Virginia.
Please contact the VYSA State Office at 540 693-1430 if you have any questions.
I. APPLICATION  (You must submit the following, and tournaments will NOT be approved until all signatures are received)
  • A.  Application to Host Tournaments or Games (Sanction Form)  - Signed by President of Club or League or Designee
  • B. US Youth Soccer Tournament Hosting Agreement - Signed by President of Club or League or Designee and Tournament Director
  • C. Copy of Tournament Rules - (MUST include USYS Region 1 Travel Policy & USYS Connecticut & USYS New Jersey exception (see below); Housing information if applicable)
  • D. A Tournament can mandate a housing service, but the tournament must submit housing information to the State Office with their tournament application and it MUST be included in the tournament rules.
  • E.  All tournaments should have directions and local phone numbers at each site for area hospitals and emergency care facilities
  • F. VYSA Team Types Form - (Please Note:  You must check "Other" on Application & type in VYSA Team Types) 
  • G. If the tournament is inviting Foreign Teams you must complete A US Soccer Federation Application to Host A Tournament or Games Involving Foreign Teams Form, A US Soccer International Tournament / Games Hosting Agreement, and the Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act and mail these into the VYSA State office along with a check for $75.00 made payable to US Soccer Federation. 
A. Clubs - Teams - Coaches
C. US Youth Soccer (Restricted)
D. All Other Affiliates (AYSO, SAY, US Club Soccer, Super Y League) of teams being invited (Unrestricted)
E.  Foreign Teams
A. Teams - Once a team has been accepted into the tournament, tournament rules should be sent to that team at least thirty (30) days in advance of the tournament
C. US Youth Soccer
If tournament is canceled - Notify VYSA State Office immediately at 540-693-1430!
 The hosting organization MUST submit a post tournament report to their National State Association within thirty (30) days after the conclusion of the tournament or games. This report must include:
            A. A list of State Associations whose teams attended your tournament & how many teams from each State Association attended
            B. A list of winners and runners-up in each age group and/or division
            C. A list of yellow and red cards issued and to whom
            D. A list of how many fields were used
            E. A list of where the fields were located
VYSA will send the information in items B and C to each State Association that attended. Any incident of ejection in a final game, or any incident of referee abuse or referee assault, or any other incidents of a serious nature should be reported to the team’s or player’s home National State Association immediately, but no later than seven (7) days after the conclusion of the tournament.
           D. Include in your report a copy of your tournament book and a patch (if available)

VYSA no longer charges a fee per team for Tournaments.
Invitations should include a date that acceptance will be mailed. Allow enough time for paperwork to be processed and errors to be corrected. Advise all who are invited that nothing is final before written confirmation is received. Mail acceptance letters early to give those teams not accepted enough time to apply to another tournament. Permission to Travel forms are to be filed 30 days in advance of a tournament.

Items to make sure are included in your rules:
  • Region 1 Policy Regarding Application To Host A Tournament
Region I has established the following policy concerning permission to travel when attending US Youth Soccer sanctioned tournaments in Region I.  The purpose of this policy is to make it as simple as possible for the US Youth Soccer Region I teams to travel to tournaments within Region I.
The new policy states that any US Youth Soccer State Association teams within Region I that is accepted into a tournament in Region I do not need permission to travel papers. Permission to Travel is not required in friendly games within Region 1. 

             National State Associations in Region I: 
             Connecticut Jr Soccer Assn
Delaware Youth Soccer Assn
Eastern New York Youth Soccer Assn
Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Assn
Soccer Maine
Maryland Youth Soccer Assn
Massachusetts Youth Soccer Assn 
New Hampshire Soccer Assn
New Jersey Youth Soccer Assn
New York State West Youth Soccer Assn
Pennsylvania West State Soccer Assn
Soccer Rhode Island
Vermont Soccer Assn
Virginia Youth Soccer Assn
West Virginia Soccer Assn 
  •  If your tournament is unrestricted, you need to include this paragraph:

    Teams that are members of organizations of the United States Soccer Federation but not members of US Youth Soccer (such as AYSO, SAY, US Club Soccer or Super Y Leagues) DO NOT have to have a US Youth Soccer Application To Travel form (although that team’s organization may require that the team have permission).  An approved team roster does need to be provided to tournament officials, along with current player passes from its organization.
  •  If your tournament is mandating a Housing Service, you need to include the information on the hotels/motels, prices, service etc.                            


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