VYSA's Sanctioned Tournaments

Tournament Types

UT = Unrestricted Tournament: A tournament that is open to all Federation affiliated participants. Any tournament that allows international participants must be an Unrestricted Tournament.

RT = Restricted Tournament: A tournament that is open only to members of US Youth Soccer and its State Associations.

If you click on the Month, it will take you to a list of tournaments. 

When you click on a Tournament, it will send you directly to the website or if you click on the tournament directors name you can send them an email.




Tournaments Playing on the 2014-2015 Seasonal Years Rosters
Age groups for the seasonal year that begins 
September 1, 2014 & ends August 31, 2015
U-19 Players born 8/1/95 and younger
U-13 Players born 8/1/01 and younger
U-18 Players born 8/1/96 and younger
U-12 Players born 8/1/02 and younger
U-17 Players born 8/1/97 and younger
U-11 Players born 8/1/03 and younger
U-16 Players born 8/1/98 and younger
U-10 Players born 8/1/04 and younger
U-15 Players born 8/1/99 and younger
U-09 Players born 8/1/05 and younger
U-14 Players born 8/1/00 and younger
U-8 Players born 8/1/06 and younger


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