State Cup Final Four Weekend
Schedule and Reminders


We are watching the weather closely this weekend. All Saturdays games are expected to be played as scheduled. We are looking at a mostly sunny day. Sunday doesn't look as predictable. If your team is playing Sunday in the finals,  please don't leave the field on Saturday without checking in with us. We will watch the weather closely for Sunday and move the games accordingly if we have to. Some games may move to an earlier time spot and if there is weather some games may need to wait out the worst of it. We have 6 games to play on Sunday and will do our very best to get them in. The alternative will be a week night game early in the week. Sunday times may be flexible and we will give you as much advance notice as possible.  

Congratulations and Welcome to the Final Four Weekend - June 4th and June 5th - at the Virginia Soccer Training Center!  

The schedule for the weekend is included below - 

Saturday June 4th - Click Here

Sunday June 5th - Click Here

FINAL FOUR REMINDERS - Click Here updated 5/16/16

A reminder to all teams, parents, and spectators - (1) NO HiPods allowed at the VSTC facility, and (2) only service animals with permits are allowed at the facility, please leave your pets at home.

Please re-read the Welcome Letter emailed to all team managers and coaches, and if you have any questions, please ask your State Cup chairperson prior to the Final Four weekend. 

Good luck to all teams!

Anne, Bill and Cathy

2015-2016 Spring SC Brackets
 2015-2016 VYSA State Cup Spring
Under 12 Boys 8v8 Bracket
Under 13 Boys Bracket
Under 14 Boys Bracket
Under 12 Girls 8v8 Bracket
Under 13 Girls Bracket
Under 14 Girls Bracket
Welcome U19 State Cup Finalists


Spring 2015-2016 U-19 VYSA State Cup Schedules
 2015-2016 U-19 VYSA State Cup Spring
Under 19 Boys Bracket
Under 19 Girls Bracket
State Cup Information 2016-2017
The age group change to calendar year will make some changes in the age group a team enters for State Cup play next seasonal year. The oldest age group in the Fall will be U19. Right now the National Championship Committee is making plans to add U20's to the U19 age group. The addition of the U20's to the U19 age group will make sure that our current oldest players will be able to play out their eligibility in the National Championship Series. VYSA will play this age group, U19/20, in the Fall of 2016 and will not hold a U19 State Cup competition in the Spring of 2017.
Some teams will be made up of 2 year combinations, and some will be single year. When your team applies to State Cup you will apply to the age group corresponding to the oldest player on your roster. 

For the Fall 2016 State Cup, if the oldest player on your team was

        Born                          You will enter
8/1-12/31 1997/1998       U19/20
1999                                 U18
2000                                 U17
2001                                 U16
2002                                 U15

For the Spring 2017 State Cup, if the oldest player on your team was

      Born                      You will enter
2003                               U14
2004                               U13
2005                               U12

Fees Due for Regional Competition by June 1, 2016

State Cup champions or any wild card teams should be aware of the following fees. The State Champion (or selected team) that proceeds to the Regional competition will be required to pay the Regional entry fee and a prorated share of the referee subsidy.

The Regional entry fee for the National Championship Series is $550.00 for the U13-U19 age groups and $350.00.00 for the U12 group.  The subsidy per referee that VYSA sends to Regionals is $225.00. We send approximately 18 referees and assessors. 

This year each U12 State Champion or wildcard will send a check for 575.00 and each U13-U19 State Champions or any wild cards will send a check for $775.00.

The money will be payable to VYSA no later than June 1. You may also pay your fee by credit card. (preferred method) Paid by check, please make your payment payable to VYSA. Paid by credit card, please call the State Office to pay.

5450 Southpoint Plaza Way
Fredericksburg VA 22407

2015 Fall State Cup
Laminated Player Passes are Required
It has come to the attention of the Cup Committee that there are still questions about laminating player and team official passes. This is required.
  • Passes in plastic pouches that are not sealed or in plastic pockets in a notebook will not suffice.
  • Each pass must be sealed by lamination.
  • Please bring only laminated passes for each player and team official to the match.
U19 B ABGC United FC 96   LOUD 96B Red
U18 B SOCA-CHAR Elite   SYA Strikers red
U17 B LOUD 98 Red   BRYC 98 Elite
U16 B LOUD 99 Red   ARL Eagles Red
U15 B MCLN 00 Green   SOCA-CHAR Elite
U14 B FCV Ashburn Elite   BETH South 01
U13 B ARL Barca Red   LMVS Patriots Red
U12 B LMVS Patriots Red   ARL Legend Red
U19 G MCLN 96 Green   VSA Heat 96G
U18 G BRYC 97/98 Elite   PWSI 97 Red
U16 G VYS Phoenix 99   BEACH FC 99 Red
U15 G ARL Comets Red   CYA Santos
U14 G BRYC 01 Elite   VAR Elite 01
U13 G DCST Metros Blue   BEACH FC Red
U12 G BRYC Elite   ARL Sol Red
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