State Cup Play, Fall 2015

The information for the Fall 2015 National Championship Series, VYSA State Cup will be available on this web page by 
July 1. The U15, U16, U17 and U18 boys and girls will play this Fall. The fee to enter Cup competition will be 400.00 per team. The application will be updated and will be available on July 17. Games will begin on September 12 with a projected date of October 31 and November 1 as the semifinals and finals. 


2014-2015 National Championship Series Virginia State Champions and Finalists

The 2014-2015 State Champions have been crowned. The Champions and Wildcard teams will travel to Barboursville, WV for the Regional Championship games, June 25-30, 2015. 

U12B ARL Barca Red CYA Knights
U12G FC Virginia United Explosion Gold FC Virginia United 02 Black
U13B PWSI Courage 01 Red DFC Vasquez Academy 01
U13G LOUD 01G Red VBTS Beach FC 01G Red
U14B FPYC Fury LOUD 00B Red
U14G NVSC Jr Majestics 00 ARL Comets Red
U15B ARL Eagles Red BRYC 99 Elite
U15G FC Virginia United Premier HERN United 99 - Wildcard
U16B ARL Attack Red BRYC 98 Elite
U16G LOUD 98 Red BRYC 98 Elite
U17B VLSC CCL Elite ARL Impact Red
U17G MCLN 97 Green VSA Heat 97 West
U18B ABGC Annandale United FC BRYC 96 Elite
U18G MCLN 96 Green PWSI Courage Red - Wildcard
U19B ABGC United FC LOUD 95 Red


2014-2015 Spring State Cup Brackets
 2014-2015 VYSA State Cup Spring
Under 12 Boys 8v8 Bracket
Under 13 Boys Bracket
Under 14 Boys Bracket
Under 12 Girls 8v8 Bracket
Under 13 Girls Bracket
Under 14 Girls Bracket
Fall 2014-2015 VYSA State Cup Schedules
 2014-2015 VYSA State Cup Fall
Under 15 Boys Bracket
Under 16 Boys Bracket
Under 17 Boys Bracket
Under 18 Boys Bracket
Under 15 Girls Bracket
Under 16 Girls Bracket
Under 17 Girls Bracket
Under 18 Girls Bracket
When a Player or Coach is Ejected/Red Carded
He/She Must Serve a Sit Out
If a player plays or a coach coaches in a game when the Sit Out was owed, at a MINIMUM, the TEAM will FORFEIT the match. 
The responsibility for knowing if a sitout is needed is on the player, coach and TEAM.   

Coaches/Managers are strongly urged to check with ALL of their players, especially those added to the team since they last participated in Cup play.  Ignorance of this rule or failure to remember an ejection will not be grounds to contest match forfeiture. 
Laminated Player Passes are Required
It has come to the attention of the Cup Committee that there are still questions about laminating player and team official passes. This is required.
  • Passes in plastic pouches that are not sealed or in plastic pockets in a notebook will not suffice.
  • Each pass must be sealed by lamination.
  • Please bring only laminated passes for each player and team official to the match.
Questions About Weather and State Cup Games

 Your team must make sure that the manager or team point of contact checks the State Cup web page for updates.

We will try to call too, but that will be the last thing on our notification list.  As soon as we know if a field is closed we will post it on the webpage.  All teams should be in cell phone contact with each other and must make sure that we have the cell phone number for the point of contact for the team.
We will only post fields that are closed or have a field number changeCheck before you leave for your game if you feel the weather will cause a problem.
We of course can’t be looking into a crystal ball to see what the weather will be like today during the day.  If we start the day on a field, we will play the games unless a club, park authority, town,etc, closes a field or a referee calls off the games.


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