To all teams -

Recently a feature within the Demosphere system was activated to show a "schedule" next to each age group in the "2013-2014 Spring State Cup Bracket" article.  This feature has caused great confusion among teams and we apologize.  The original purpose for activating this feature was to give the teams a "view" of the "current" week schedule "by age group".  Nomally when we publish the schedule, it is by field location as that is how Demosphere compiles the weekly game format and we post the schedule in a specific article at the top of the web page.  The alternate view, however, pulls in "future" weeks for which we have done no planning and have litte control over - it gives no consideration of the fact that some schools are in session on Saturdays because they had so many snow days, no consideration for Region 1 and Colonial league games, no consideration for travel abroad with ODP, etc.

We ask that you not use the schedule embedded within the bracket article for planning purposes.  We still consider every weekend open for play and you should as well.  There are no "bye" weekends and until a schedule is posted officially within an article at the TOP of the State Cup website, teams should not make alternate plans.

We are in the process of planning for the weekend of April 26th and 27th.  We have many considerations that we are working around such as VA Beach schools are in session on Saturday April 26th, there are kids leaving for Germany on an ODP trip the night of April 26th so those games will be played early that day, there are teams with Region 1 and Colonial league game conflicts pushing games to Sunday the 27th, and so on.  We are doing our best to ensure that we are considering everything that we are required to consider.  It is likely that the schedule for April 26th and 27th will not be posted until at least Thursday of this week, if not later, and when it is posted it will be place at the top of the web page in a separate article.

-- Anne, Cathy and Bill

Game Schedules and Requests

Teams:  The first weekend of State Cup play began today on April 5.   Some of you seem surprised that the season is beginning so early, but with weather issues and all of the Colonial League and Premier League issues, not to mention the international ODP trips, we will have only 5 weekends to play before the semifinals and finals. There will be some creative scheduling on our part to get all of this done in 5 weekends. Please be prepared to play every weekend. The only weekend we will have off is April 19 and 20. There will be no games on that weekend.  There are no exceptions for Spring break; either for a whole team or individual player. We have 5 different Spring break weekends this Spring and would never finish if we used these as exceptions. Every team was aware of the State Cup Calendar as it has been posted on the State Cup web page for 9 months.

We do have some exceptions that will effect many teams. The Colonial League and Premier League game dates are out of our control and affect some of our Saturdays; State Cup will use Sunday when these conflicts arise. This means that even if your team doesn't play in one of these leagues, you might be affected if the team you are playing does. We will let you know as early as possible. Teams will keep their home field advantage and the game will be on Sunday instead of Saturday.

On coaching conflicts, we have the list of coaching conflicts and will do our best to work around these. As you might imagine, if a coach has a game in Virginia Beach and one in Arlington, it may not be possible to deconflict those games; but we will try our best. If some coaches have a first preference on attending one game or another, please let us know that too.

If you have a scheduling request for April 12, we must have this in our email tonight by 7:00 pm. Once we start the process of scheduling it isn't possible to make time and field changes for late requests. On April 12, some teams will not play at all. These teams are the ones that have players going to Europe with the VYSA ODP teams. This includes both girls and boys teams U13 and U14.You may be scheduled to play one of these teams so we will make note of this on the schedule page so you are not wondering why your team doesn't have a game.

A note on requests for scheduling...You may only ask for an early or a late game for the next round for your team. You may not ask for a different date or a Sunday instead of a Saturday. All State Cup Games are scheduled for Saturday and they will be played that way unless we have the Regional League games to work around. If this is the case the games will be on Sunday of that same weekend.

When you send a request for a time preference, you must add the reason. We have so many requests that we need to know why you need a certain time of the day. We do our best to help you, but don't ask for a time request because your coach coaches another league team or you have a league game you are trying to work around. These are not reasons to ask for a time exception.

We will have the schedule for April 12 up on the VYSA State Cup website by Sunday night April 6.  This is the standard practice for the scheduling process and will be the same for every week of State Cup.  Thank you very much for you patience. All of you have been very nice to work with. We want State Cup to be a great experience for you and your players.

State Cup Competition for U12, U13, U14 and U19 Boys and Girls

The application process for Spring 2014 State Cup for Boys and Girls U12, U13,and U14, is now Closed.  Applications for the U19 age groups are still open until Friday, May 16th. The application fee is 350.00 per team. Teams must complete an application with payment, and submit an approved State Cup roster by the deadline indicated below to be considered entered in State Cup.

  • The U19 teams entering the Spring 2014 State Cup have a separate application also shown in the left column of this web page. U19 applications need to be completed by 4:00 PM on Friday, May 16, 2014.  U19 applications also require a letter of guarantee or a fee. Information for that requirement is below the U19 application in the left column of this web page
  • The State Cup Calendar (with deadlines and game dates) and the State Cup Competition Rules is also available in the left column on this web page.

Please note when applying - The Team Code is located in the center top of your State Cup Roster labeled Team Number.

2013-2014 Spring State Cup Brackets
Boys Girls
Under 12 Boys 8v8   - Bracket Under 12 Girls 8v8   - Bracket
Under 13 Boys          - Bracket Under 13 Girls           - Bracket
Under 14 Boys          - Bracket Under 14 Girls           - Bracket


VYSA State Champion T-Shirt Design Contest
Contest Open to U15-U18 State Champion Teams


This year we want to try something new!  We know there must be some budding artists out there among all of the State Champion soccer players - so….. We are running a T-Shirt design contest for the logo that will be printed on the front of the shirts that all VYSA State Champion players will wear at the Opening Ceremony for Regionals.  The details on what can/can’t done with the design are included in the PDF file linked below.

Now...  This is a contest, and what would a contest be without a prize!  Yes, there is a prize for the lucky winner!  The lucky winner will receive a $50 VISA gift card!

See the link below for all of the details and don't forget that entries MUST be submitted by Midnight, April 30th.  Entries posted after midnight will not be accepted.

Click HERE for details on the Champion T-Shirt Logo Contest

FALL 2013    
U15 G PWSI COURAGE RED 98 (Forfeit) BRYC 98 ELITE (Going forward to Regional competition)
SPRING 2014    
U14 B    
U14 G    
U13 B    
U13 G    
U12 B    
U12 G    
U19 B    
U19 G    
Questions About Weather and State Cup Games

 Your team must make sure that the manager or team point of contact checks the State Cup web page for updates. We will try to call too, but that will be the last thing on our notification list. As soon as we know if a field is closed we will post it on the webpage..

All teams should be in cell phone contact with each other and must make sure that we have the cell phone number for the point of contact for the team. We will only post fields that are closed or have a field number change. Try to check before you leave for your game if you feel the weather will cause a problem.

We of course can’t be looking into a crystal ball to see what the weather will be like today during the day.  If we start the day on a field, we will play the games unless a club, park authority, town,etc, closes a field or a referee calls off the games.


State Cup Red Card Listing

The State Cup committe has compiled a listing of "UNSERVED" Red Cards for your information; this listing is up-to-date through the Fall Finals.  The report will be posted in the articles on the left hand side of the State Cup webpage and will be updated weekly as Red Cards are submitted.  The report will also be updated to removed Red Cards "SERVED" as notification, via Game Reports, is received.  We will not publish the name of the individual (player/coach/asst coach/parent) receiving the Red Card.  If the Team Manager or the Team Coach is not sure of the individual's name, they may contact the State Cup Committe to obtain this information.  It is the team's responsibility to ensure that red cards received are served at the next match.  Red Cards received in a VYSA State Cup match do carry over to the next National Championship Series match played and do not expire until served either in a State Cup match or at Regional Competition.

When a Player/Coach is EJECTED/RED CARDED...
He/She MUST Serve a SIT OUT

Red Card Sit Outs OWED:
When a player or coach is EJECTED from a National Championship match (State, Regional, or National level of play), he/she is REQUIRED to serve the disciplinary “Sit Out” in the NEXT National Championship match that they play – REGARDLESS of the time elapsed, or for what team they currently play/coach. 

Fees Due for Regional Competition by June 1, 2014

State Cup champions or any wild card teams should be aware of the following fees. The State Champion (or selected team) that proceeds to the Regional competition will be required to pay the Regional entry fee and a prorated share of the referee subsidy.

The Regional entry fee for the National Championship Series is $475.00 for the U13-U19 age groups and $275.00 for the U12 group.  The subsidy per referee that VYSA sends to Regionals is $225.00. We send approximately 16 referees and assessors. This year each U12 State Champion or wildcard will send a check of $500.00 and each U13-U19 State Champions or any wild cards will send a check for $700.00. The money will be payable to VYSA no later than June 1. You may also pay your fee by credit card. (preferred method)

5450 Southpoint Plaza Way
Fredericksburg VA 22407

Laminated Player Passes
It has come to the attention of the Cup Committee that there are still questions about laminating player and team official passes. This is required. Passes in plastic pouches that are not sealed or in plastic pockets in a notebook will not suffice. Each pass must be sealed by lamination. Please bring only laminated passes for each player and team official to the match.
2012-2013 State Cup Champions and Finalists

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2012 Fall State Cup Championships. Over 230 teams began this competition in September and the Final games were held on November 4 at River City Sportsplex in Richmond VA.  

 State Cup Champions and Finalists

U19G CHAN Burn CYA FCV Cardinals
U18G VSA Heat Blue KIC Richmond Kickers Elite
U18B ABGC Knights REST FC 94
U17G BRYC 95 Elite PWSI Courage 95 Gold
U17B LOUD 95 Red CLS Junkyard Dawgs Elite
U16G MCLN MPS 96 Force Green PWSI Courage 96 Red
U16B ARL Strikers Red ABGC Spartans SC
U15G PWSI Courage 97 Red KIC Richmond Kickers Elite
U15B ARL Impact Red FCR Magic 97
U14G PWSI Courage 98 Red BRYC 98 Elite
U14B LOUD Red 98 BRYC 98 Elite
U13G ABGC Premier 99G KIC Richmond Kickers Elite
U13B PWSI Courage 99 Red KIC Richmond Kickers Elite White
U12G SYA Cardinals Red SOC U12 Girls Express
U12B MCLN MPS Hotspurs Green BRYC 00 Elite


U19 Spring 2013 Brackets
 2012-2013 U-19 VYSA State Cup Spring
Under 19 Boys Bracket Schedule
Under 19 Girls Bracket Schedule
League Play for U19 Age Group
There has been a rule change for the U19 age group. U19 teams are no longer required to play in a four team league. There is no requirement for games prior to Cup play. All other VYSA roster rules apply.
Fall 2013 State Cup Brackets
 2013-2014 VYSA State Cup Fall
Under 15 Boys Bracket Schedule
Under 16 Boys Bracket Schedule
Under 17 Boys Bracket Schedule
Under 18 Boys Bracket Schedule
Under 15 Girls Bracket Schedule
Under 16 Girls Bracket Schedule
Under 17 Girls Bracket Schedule
Under 18 Girls Bracket Schedule

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