Semi Final Games


Game Day Reminders: 

Good luck to all teams and safe travels.

If your team is playing at a field other than PVSTC you must bring your own game report forms to give to the referee.  This process is the same you followed for your preliminary games.

Game Day/State Cup Roster---the referees will bring the official game roster to the field with them for your game.  They will check your team in off of that roster, printed by the State Cup committee.  You must have your player passes and your team official passes with you at the game for check in.  These passes must be laminated

Your team should print the roster for your team just to have with your paperwork. You should make sure that you have printed the correct roster for these games.  Red Carded players will be in red on your roster. Make sure the referee initials next to their name on the game card.

Make sure that you have printed the correct roster for these games. Your league roster will not be accepted for play.

The correct roster will have your game information at the top and will say this...

                         2018 Virginia National Championship Series State Cup

                                              Official Game Roster

Check your roster carefully after printing to make sure all active player names are printed. All players will print and you will cross off those players not playing for the semifinal game at check in.  You may also write in any team officials that are not on the roster.  Make sure they have their team official passes.  Up to 4 officials may be on the team bench or team sidelines.

Score Reporting

The referees will bring the game reports back to the headquarters tent after the game. There is no need to mail anything or enter a score

Red Card Sit Out

It is still a good idea to check the red card sit out list (left hand column). All teams should check this list. You may have a new player or a club passes player that will need to serve a sitout.  Make sure that any player or team official that is required to sit out is checked on the roster and brought to the attention of the referee. The referee will initial this sit out. An ineligible player on the field, or a coach on the team bench will result in a forfeit for the team.


I know that all of  you are aware how bad traffic can be on the weekend. Travel on I-95 North or South, I-64 in either direction (plus the tunnel) and I-81 North or South is extremely frustrating most of the time.  Every family needs to add extra time to their trip in order to get to the game field on time.

Pets at a Field

The Virginia Soccer Training Center does not allow pets. Service animals are allowed if there is a certificate or identifying harness or vest.






Semi Final games for Saturday, November 3 are scheduled below.  The Finals will be played on Sunday, November 4 and the schedule for those games is available now.  All Final games will be at PVSTC.

 The “ladder display” in the brackets have been updated with your game schedule.  You can also view the schedule by age group if you click on the Bracket Tab or the current Round of Play tab for a specific age group. 


Saturday, November 3:  The semi final round for the NCS State Cup


BOYS                       GIRLS                     

U15 Boys - Click Here

  U15 Girls - Click Here

U16 Boys - Click Here

  U16 Girls - Click Here

U17 Boys - Click Here

  U17 Girls - Click Here

U18 Boys - Click Here

  U18 Girls - Click Here

U19 Boys - Click Here

  U19 Girls - Click Here
It has come to the attention of the Cup Committee that there are still questions about laminating player and team official passes. This is required.
  • Passes in plastic pouches that are not sealed or in plastic pockets in a notebook will not suffice.
  • Each pass must be sealed by lamination.
  • Please bring only laminated passes for each player and team official to the match.
  • There has been some discussion about the need for additional laminated passes since all player's and team official pictures now appear on the State Cup roster. This can be a second check of players and team officials but it does not take the place of current laminated passes. In the U15-U19 age groups, with the limited subsitution rule, referees hold the passes during the game to make sure that the substitution process is proper for each team.  Also the Regional and National Championships rules still require the presentation to the referee, of a laminated pass.
  • You must have your Game Day Roster form (State Cup Roster) and your laminated passes at every game.
RED CARD Violations and the SIT-OUT Requirements
Red Card List in Left Hand column under Red Card Information...


A Reminder to all Players, Managers, and Coaches:
Be sure to check the Red Card List on the State Cup Web Page.  If you have received a Red Card in a previous National Championship Series Event, regardless of what that event was, you are required to serve a Sit Out in the very next National Championship Series game that you participate with.
Failure to serve that required Sit Out has serious consequences for all concerned, as stated the Section II.F of the National Championship Rules:
F. Eligibility Rule Violations - Violations of player or team eligibility rules will result in the forfeiture of any games in which an ineligible team or player has participated. Any coach or team official found to have rostered an ineligible player is, together with the team, ineligible to compete further in National Championship Series competition in the current seasonal year. Any coach, manager, or official found guilty of knowingly using an ineligible player is not eligible to compete further in National Championship Series competitions in the current and the subsequent seasonal year. The coach is ultimately responsible for verifying player eligibility. 
Therefore, check the list carefully.  The VYSA NCS Committee makes every effort to keep the list correct and up-to-date, but that all depends on the RED CARD being reported correctly and on time.  If for whatever reason you received a RED CARD and it does not appear on the list, that in no way removes the obligation of serving the Sit Out.
Finally, RED CARDS given during National Championship Series Events do not carry over to League or other Tournament Events and neither do RED CARDS given in those events carry over to National Championship Events.
Fall 2018 Age Group Play Dates-Revised
Virginia Youth Soccer Association welcomes your team to the
2018-2019 National Championship Series.

.All rosters for the Fall VYSA National Championship Series play were frozen on Wednesday, September 12, 2018 at Midnight.

The  VYSA National Championship Series schedule is as follows: Please read this carefully to know when each age group is scheduled to play. These dates will remain firm if the weather on each weekend cooperates.  (Coaches and players must be available on all weekends because this schedule is subject to change if we have any issues that would force us to cancel any games on any one of these weekends.)

Saturday, September 15:   Games Cancelled

Saturday, September 22:   U15 boys, U16 boys, U17 boys, U19 boys and U16 girls. Round of 32
                                           U18 boys and U15 girls, U17 girls, U18 girls and U19 girls, Round of 16
Saturday, September 29:   U15 boys, U16 boys, U17 boys, U19 boys and U16 girls. Round of 16
Saturday, October 13:        All Age Groups - Quarter final round
Saturday, October 20         Holding for Rain date
Saturday, October 27:        Semifinals
Sunday, November 4:         Finals
Make note of these dates and let your players and parents know. 

Good luck to each team. We hope each game you play in this Championship event is great competition. 


Publix Virginia Soccer Training Center (PVSTC)
----Please Read
Rules for the Fields at the
Publix Virginia Soccer Training Center
All rules strictly enforced
  • No pets, except service animals with valid permit
  • No tobacco or e-cig products and no alcohol
  • No hi pod camera equipment or other equipment deemed unsafe by PublixVSTC. 
  • Vehicles parked in handicapped spaces without a permit will be ticketed by sheriffs dept and subject to towing.


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