Files to Download - Includes Final Four Info
Updated 5/14/15
  • Spring 2015 Welcome Letter Click Here  (3/30/15)
  • Field Setup and Take Down Procedures for HOME Teams - Click Here (3/27/15)

**Note that the team who is designated as "HOME" is ALWAYS the team responsible for setup and take down, no matter the field.

  • State Cup Game Report (updated 4/17/15)-
    • NOTE - The game report has been changed to a one-page Excel document.  There are no longer multiple worksheets to complete/print.  Please download and save the Game Report file to your computer prior to completing the actual game report.  Also print the instructions to aid in completing the Game Report.
  • Bull Run Access Pass - State Cup Games ONLY - Click Here


  • FINAL FOUR LETTER - Click Here (updated 5/14/15)
  • Field Map for the Virginia Soccer Training Center - Fredericksburg, VA - Click Here (updated 10/19/14)
  • National Championship Series (NCS) Roster - Click Here (updated 5/15/15)
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