Sexual Abuse Prevention Training


VYSA and US Youth Soccer are providing its members

FREE access to Abuse Prevention Systems 

to reduce the risk of child sexual abuse in youth soccer

US Youth Soccer and VYSA are working with Abuse Prevention Systems to safeguard children as well as the adults who serve them.  The 5 part Safety System is designed to help your club reduce the risk of sexual abuse by creating preventative measures tailored to fit your club specific needs.         


The 5 part safety system for VYSA clubs includes: 

1. Awareness Training:  Identifies misconceptions and replaces them with valuable information to protect children

2. Skillful Screening Process:  Assist organizational leaders to better discern if an applicant or volunteer has the right motives for working with children.

3. Background Checks:  Important component, but only one piece since only 10% of sexual abusers ever encounter the criminal justice system.  You can always continue to use your current background check program.

4. Policies and Procedures:  Balance the organization goals with the risks inherent in children’s programming

5. Monitoring and Oversight:  Checks and balances to monitor supervision, training compliance and system 

GETTING STARTED              

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Instructions for uploading users to Abuse Prevention Systems.

Abuse Prevention Systems User Upload Template

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