KidSafe/Risk Management
2017-18 KidSafe/Risk Management is now OPEN

You DO NOT get as user ID or Password when you do your Risk Management / KidSafe!

You will receive your User ID and Password as soon as you begin your roster.

In order to preserve the safety and welfare of youngsters involved in soccer and  served by VYSA and its members, the purposes of this policy are to (1) obtain disclosure and release forms or electronic equivalent from, and perform background checks on, all VYSA personnel and personnel of VYSA members; and (2) determine whether individuals who are VYSA personnel or personnel of VYSA members are qualified to provide services for VYSA or VYSA members.

This policy applies to all VYSA personnel and personnel of VYSA members. “Personnel” includes, but is not limited to, all coaches, assistant coaches, trainers, other team officials, Board members, staff, and volunteers, whether paid or unpaid. The VYSA Board of Directors shall, in conjunction with the VYSA KidSafe/Risk Management Committee, determine any additional positions that may be subject to this policy.

VYSA KidSafe Policy

VYSA KidSafe Complience Form - all clubs need to complete this each year!

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are a Coach, Assistant Coach, Manager, Trainer, etc., you will select "CLUB"  when choicing your KidSafe Organization Type, and then select your club - example - Prince William Soccer, Virginia Rush, FC Richmond, Roanoke Valley Youth Soccer Club, Inc. etc. 
"TRAVEL LEAGUE" is ONLY for board members of one of the following leagues, not a coach of that league. 
Advanced Development Soccer League
Blue Ridge Soccer League
Club Champions League
Metro Soccer League
National Capital Soccer League
Old Dominion Soccer League
Skyline Club Soccer League
Virginia Premier League
Virginia Soccer League Inc.

Recreational Team Officials DO NOT COMPLETE THIS FORM.  
Contact your Recreational Administrator for their form.
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