Uploading Photos

IMPORTANT NOTE:  After UPDATING a photo, the new one may not be displaying for you.  All web browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox) will cache images from a website on your local machine.  In order to see the new picture, you must usually do one of two things:  (1) for Google Chrome, you must empty your cache, then "refresh" (or "reload") the page; (2) for Internet Explorer or Firefox, while viewing the players information, you must hold down your shift key and click on the "refresh" ( or "reload") button on the browser.  These methods will allow you to see the new photo you uploaded.

Here are some programs you can use to upload pictures to your player passes. Most digital cameras have their own software and that works well, you just need to remember to size the photo accordingly.

**You will need to have Adobe Reader to print the player cards properly.  You can download Adobe Reader free by clicking here**

VYSA Does not recommend one over the other: 
1.      GIMP 2.8. - www.gimp.org

This is a free software that  can be download  to your computer.  Save the pictures to your computer, open the players picture in GIMP. On the tool bar under IMAGE, select “SCALE IMAGE” in the image size put in 120 x 120 pix and click SCALE and it will resize the photo.

On the tool bar under FILE, select Export and then on the bottom left, click on "Select File Type", scroll to find JPEG Image, click on it and then click EXPORT.  Click Replace, then Export and you are ready to upload!
2.     Microsoft Office Picture Manager

Some computers come with this on them now.   Open the picture, choose edit, and then crop the picture to be a perfect square (you can use the size number to get the numbers to match) then save it.
If you choose resize and select 95 x 95 pixels and then save. It was really easy to upload.

MAC Users - Click here to down load a pdf of how to upload photos.

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