VYSA Policy on the Selection of VYSA Referees and Assesors
Region I Championships

It is the purpose of this policy to provide standard requirements and procedures for the selection of referees and assessors who will represent VYSA at the Snickers Region I Championships and the Region I ODP Tournament held each year.

1. To be eligible for selection as a referee or assessor to attend the Snickers Region I Championshipsor the ODP Tournament, an individual must--

    (1) satisfy one of the following:
      (A) be a VYSA Young Referee of the Year;
      (B) be 21 years of age or older as of the first day of game play of the Championships for which the individual is to referee or assess; or
      (C) if under 21 years of age as of that day, have exceptional referee experience and accomplishment as determined by the Referee Technical Staff [the State Referee Administrator (SRA), the State Youth Referee Administrator (SYRA), the State Director of Instruction (SDI), and the State Director of Assessment (SDA))

    (2) be currently registered as a referee with USSF;
    (3) have been currently registered with DC/Virginia for at least 2 years;
    (4) reside in the District of Columbia or Virginia;
    (5) have demonstrated a commitment to the youth soccer program including, if being considered for selection as a referee, having refereed a significant number of youth games during the past 2 seasonal years; and
    (6) if being considered for selection as an assessor, be currently registered with DC/Virginia as a referee assessor.

2. In addition to the requirements of paragraph 1 of this part, an individual being considered for selection as a referee should be:

    (1) currently a referee in grade 7 or higher; and
    (2) not more than 40 years of age.

    1. Anyone may nominate an individual to represent VYSA at the Snickers Region I Championships and the ODP Tournament.
    2. A nomination must be submitted on a copy of the standard VYSA Nomination Form.  Copies of the Form are available from the VYSA State Office, the SRA, and the SYRA.
    3. The SYRA is responsible for ensuring that an appropriate announcement soliciting nominations and a copy of the Nomination Form are included in the VYSA Touchline and the VYSA Board of Directors minutes before November 1 of each year. The SYRA shall also coordinate with the SRA so that information about being selected as a referee or assessor is included as part of any referee development program and local referee training programs administered by referee instructors and assessors.
    4. A completed Nomination From for an individual, with any supporting documentation, must be received in hand (not postmarked) by DECEMBER 31 at the VYSA State Office to be considered. An individual whose Nomination Form is received after that date will not be considered.
    5. The Young Referees of the Year for the current seasonal year are automatically nominated to represent VYSA at the Snickers Region I Championships for the current seasonal year. The Young Referee of the Year Nomination Form, with supporting materials, submitted for each of them for the current seasonal year is deemed to be a completed Nomination Form for the current seasonal year as a Referee to attend the Championships. Paragraph 4 of this part does not apply to these nominations.

    1. The VYSA Board of Directors will determine each year the number of referees and assessors VYSA will provide after considering the minimum number of each category it is required to provide by Region I. In addition, the Board will select 2 alternate referees and one alternate assessor to replace a referee or assessor that is unable to attend.
    2. The VYSA State Administrator shall provide to the SRA, as soon as possible after December 31 of each year, a list of the names of the individuals nominated for the year and copies of all nomination forms and supporting materials.
    3. The Referee Technical Staff will meet by January 25 and review the nominations. Based on this review, the Technical Staff will rank all of the referees in order and all of the assessors in order. The rankings will be submitted to the VYSA State Administrator by January 27. The State Administrator will mail to each member of the VYSA Board of Directors a copy of the Technical Staff rankings of the nominees.  At the Board meeting at which the niminations are considered, there will be available a copy of each nomination form and a copy of any supporting materials.
    4. The VYSA Board of Directors will select the referees and assessors at a Board meeting in February.

    1. The SRA and the area referee administrators and assessors will contact all nominees and inform them of the results. For those individuals selected, they will confirm with those individuals their availability.
    2. VYSA is responsible for seeing that each referee and assessor selected by VYSA is paid a transportation fee and per diem fee based on the current VYSA expense policy and the room expenses of the referee or assessor are paid.
    3. A Code of Conduct form will be required to be completed by any referee or assessor.  If the individual is under 18 years of age, the parent or guardian of the referee or assessor must alos signe the form. If the form is not completed by May 1st, the referee or assessor will not be sent to the Region I competition for which the individual was selected.

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