TOPSoccer Events in VYSA

Statewide TOPSoccer Events sponsored by Virginia Youth Soccer Association

VYSA Annual Convention – TOPSoccer Program
VYSA holds its annual convention each February. The location is chosen to maximize attendance. The convention has been held in Richmond for the past few years. The mission is to bring membership together to discuss issues, present annual awards, bring in expert lecturers and clinicians to provide important and/or the most up-to-date information. The convention committee works hard to provide topics most important to our membership. Those present have an opportunity attend a variety of topical sessions and meet and talk with many vendors. 
            TOPSoccer sessions vary from year to year. TOPSoccer awards are presented Friday evening. On Saturday, a field demonstration is conducted, with local players and buddies. In even years, the 4 ½ US Youth TOPSoccer Training Course is offered. In odd years, a lecture on important topics is presented and a meeting is held for all VYSA program volunteers - open to the public.
            National and regional TOPSoccer experts are brought in to provide the best possible sessions.
            All VYSA TOPSoccer players and buddies are welcome to attend and participate. Look for the announcement flyer sent to club TOPSoccer administrators for distribution.
VYSA Annual TOPSoccer Festival
            The VYSA TOPSoccer Festival is held each June in conjunction with the Kohl’s Recreational Cup. The site of the cup is Patriot Park in Spotsylvania County. The TOPSoccer Festival is held inside the Ron Rosner Family YMCA adjacent to the park. The air-conditioned facility is a perfect setting. Coaches for the event are approved by the TOPSoccer committee. Those players, buddies and parents that attend have a great time. The festival concludes with a short social.
            All VYSA TOPSoccer players and buddies are welcome to attend and participate.  Look for the announcement flyer sent to club TOPSoccer administrators for distribution.
US Youth TOPSoccer Training Course.
            The US Youth TOPSoccer Training Course is offered for all administrators, coaches, buddies and other TOPSoccer volunteers. The course content includes:

·         General Overview of TOPSoccer

·         Players’ Challenges

·         Coaching and Ideas for Coaching TOPSoccer Players

·         Prevention and Care of Injuries

·         Communication with the TOPSoccer Player

·         The TOPSoccer Buddy

            The course is offered at the state convention in even years and at various announced sites in odd years. TOPSoccer clubs are encouraged to sponsor the course. When approved, the VYSA Training Director will assign the course staff.
Other Events
VYVA TOPSoccer participates in various activities and work with other programs to provide exciting activities for children with special needs. An example was our participation in the Nickelodeon “Day of Play” event held in September of 2011. Day of Play was held inside Ellipse in front of the White House in Washington, DC. Most of the attendees, 90+ players and 90+ buddies, were from Virginia TOPSoccer.
VYSA TOPSoccer representatives attend many awareness seminars and workshops across Virginia providing a display station and an opportunity to speak with a VYSA TOPSoccer representative. Families gather information about TOPSoccer and obtain contact information for a club program nearest their home.
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