Areas located near Virginia Beach, VA
District Head Coach
Administrator - Katy O'Brien
ODP Coaching Staff
Age Groups Boys Girls
2002 Gregg Mottinger (HC) Max Moore (HC)
2003 Sonny Landry (HC), Jimmy McCabe Ruth Keegan (HC)
2004 Chris Panayiotou (HC), Brad Killenbeck Matt Mittelstaedt (HC), Chris Cadogan
2005 Steve Danbusky (HC), TJ Cyrus Kevin Smith (HC), Florence 'Flo' Omagbemi
2006 Wayne Pratt (HC), Stephen Holmes Karl Greaves (HC), Haralambos 'Harris' Titsis
GK John Connelly (HC) Kyle Williams (HC)
Saturday, July 28, 2018
During times of inclement weather, please check
the ONLINE FIELD ALERT for any delays or cancellations.
Training Sessions (Monday Nights 6-7:30pm*)
*Starting times will get earlier upon the arrival of Daylight Savings Time in the Fall
Rain dates will be made up on the next closest available Monday.
Aug 6       6:00-7:30pm
Aug 20   (canceled)
Aug 27   6:00-7:30pm (make-up)
Sep 10   6:00-7:30pm
Sep 24   5:30-7:00pm
Oct 15   5:15-6:45pm
InterDistrict Scrimmages: Publix Virginia Soccer Training Center, Fredericksburg, VA
Girls: November 17 & December 2
Boys: November 18 & December 1
You must attend both weekends!!
What are InterDistrict Scrimmages?
After the seven District ODP training sessions, (includes Nov & Dec dates) the State ODP pool will be selected and State ODP training will begin.  Click HERE to see the 2018-2019 State ODP training schedule.  If your player is not named to their State ODP age group pool, unfortunately, their ODP season has come to a close.  The 2018-2019 State ODP pools will be posted on the ODP website no later than Wednesday, December 5, 2018.  If your player is listed as Call Back, they should attend the first State ODP pool training session, unless alternate instructions were provided from their State ODP age group Head Coach, for an additional evaluation.
High level players that purposely bypass the District ODP training sessions in hopes of going straight into the State ODP training pool, exhibit characteristics that are not conducive to top flight soccer.  We are looking for players to play for Virginia that exhibit the skill, character, and work ethic to train at all levels of the program.
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