VA ODP Takes on Europe!
2015/2016 European Tour
The VYSA ODP just returned from a hugely successful trip to Austria and Hungary over the recent spring break. The 2001 and 2002 boys along with the 2000 and 2002 girls played four matches each against teams from around Vienna and Budapest.
The players not only got the unique opportunity to play matches in two countries but also the chance to experience new cultures, languages, currency, and customs. They explored the grounds of King's Palace (pictured above), tried their hand at some bartering in the local outdoor market in Vienna, maneuvered their way through the Viennese subway, experienced a sold-out international match between Croatia and Hungary at the Groupama Arena in Budapest, and ended their adventures in the Hungarian countryside nestled on the River Danube.
You can read all about their trip on the ODP Blog!
2000 & 2002 Girls in Vienna, Austria
2001 & 2002 Boys in Budapest, Hungary
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