Small Sided Games, Questions and Answers
The following are questions asked of the state office, and Coach Tom Turner about small sided games. Although Coach Turner answered one of them, he sent the rest to well respected coaches from all over the country. Here are their answers. (Question 1 has two responses)

1:Why is it said that it is good for development of players?Answers
2:How did you arrive at the numbers, it sounds arbitrary to me?Answer
3:Are the coaching schools going to be shorter now that the game is smaller?Answer
4:Our kids are happy playing 8v8 at U8 now. Why upset the cart?Answer
5:Will I need to coach more, or less from the sideline during a game?Answer
6:If I am playing 5v5, have no subs and a player gets hurt, doesn't playing 5v4 really put my team at a disadvantage?Answer
7:Who says that small-sided play is better and how do they know?Answer
8:The parents on my team say they don't want to do this. What do I say to them?Answer
9:It seems that the keeper is not needed in a small-sided game. How will the keeper learn the position?Answer
10:We don't exactly agree with your numbers. Can we modify them for our own needs?Answer

Happy Coaching!
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