US Youth Soccer Bylaw 252 Suspension Pending Litigation

Bylaws of the United States Youth Soccer Association, Inc.
September 1, 2006

Section 1. Any person participating in a USYSA program, or in a program of a State
Association or a program of a member of a State Association, who becomes a defendant
in litigation detrimental to the welfare of youth players or litigation based on activities
detrimental to the welfare of youth players, shall be suspended from all soccer-related
activities. Suspensions under this bylaw shall be determined by the appropriate State
Association or the Board of Directors. Matters detrimental to the welfare of youth
players shall include crimes of moral turpitude and felonies. The person has a right to
appeal the suspension only over whether the matter which is the substance of the
accusation, if true, is detrimental to the welfare of youth players.

Section 2. On completion of the litigation, the suspended person may inform the body
suspending the person under section 1of this bylaw that the litigation has been
completed and request that the suspension be terminated and the person reinstated.
The suspending body may grant the request of the person or, if the decision of the
litigation was adverse to the person, may continue the suspension for a period specified
by the suspending body, fine the person, terminate all membership of that person with
the suspending body and its members, or any combination of those authorized

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