February 2014 Minutes Cover

Minutes:  Board Meeting February 19, 2014


*1 Approval of Previous Board minutes
*2 Treasurer’s Report-Mutual Funds Used to Pay Off UBS Loan
*2 Treasurer’s Report-Investment Funds Moved to Union First Market Investment
*2 Treasurer’s Report-Credit Card Fees Lower at New Bank
*2 Treasurer’s Report-Accounts Receivable to be Billed
*2 State Administrator’s Report-Spring Registration Fee Notice Send to Members
*2 State Administrator’s Report-Notices for Spring Data Due Sent to Members
*2 State Administrator’s Report-Registration Numbers for Fall Up Slightly
*2 State Administrator’s Report-Expense Reimbursement Forms Online
*2 State Administrator’s Report-Several Requests or Proposals Sent to Office
*2 State Administrator’s Report-Convention Feedback Shared
*2 State Administrator’s Report-Convention Committee Approved
*3 State Administrator’s Report-Ideas for Improving Convention Shared
*3 Technical Director’s Report-Many Coaching Ed Courses Cancelled Due to Weather
*3 Technical Director’s Report-Two D Instructional Weekends Completed in February
*3 Technical Director’s Report-Many Coaching Ed Courses Scheduled for March
*3 Technical Director’s Report-Good of the Game Clinic Held in Burke in March
*3 Technical Director’s Report-New Training a Top Class Striker Clinic Being Developed
*3 Technical Director’s Report-FU8-U10 Held at Convention, Few Completed Course
*3 Technical Director’s Report-USSF National C and National Youth Licenses Set
*3 Technical Director’s Report-Good Attendance at Technical Directors’ Day
*3 Technical Director’s Report-ODP Friendlies Scheduled for Williamsburg in February
*3 Technical Director’s Report-98 Girls ODP Team to Compete in Nat’l Championships
*3 Technical Director’s Report-International Trip to Belgium and Holland in April
*3 TOPSoccer Report-Sessions at Convention Successful, New People Trained
*4 TOPSoccer Report-Chair Working on International Project with Foreign Educators
*4 Soccer Across America Report-First Touch Sports Partners with Chesterfield United
*4 State Champs Changing Club-Board Votes on Results of Team Decision to Move
*4 New Executive Director-Committee Selects New ED, Begins March 13, 2014
*4 New Executive Director-Board to Welcome New ED at March Board Meeting
*4 State Cup Report-Scheduling Difficult With Addition of Region Leagues
*5 Secretary’s Report-Three New Applications Approved for Membership
*5 Secretary’s Report-Rec Clubs in Rec League Approved to Play Two Non-Members
*5 President’s Report-US Youth Governance Summit to Discuss New Proposals
*5 Good of the Game-TOPSoccer Rewards Club with Most Attendees at Convention

    A.    Treasurer’s Report
    B.    State Administrator’s Report
    C.    Technical Director’s Report
    D.    TOPSoccer Report
    E.     Soccer Across America Report


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