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November 2010 Minutes Cover


*1 Approval of Minutes -October Minutes Approved *1 Treasurer’s Report-Financial Reports Distributed
*2 State Administrator’s Report-Most Fall Registration Fees Received, Numbers Low
*2 State Administrator’s Report-Most Fall Data Received, Will Compare to Registration Fees
*2 State Administrator’s Report-Background Checks Confirmation Due December 1
*2 State Administrator’s Report-Convention January 21, 22 at Hyatt Regency Crystal City
*2 State Administrator’s Report-Nationwide Insurance Numbers of Members Increasing
*2 Technical Director’s Report-National Youth License Course in VA Beach
*2 Technical Director’s Report-Technical Staff Holding Coaching Clinics for Clubs
*2 Technical Director’s Report-Coaching Ed Dir Working with Clubs to Increase Courses
*2 Technical Director’s Report-New Instructors for Lower Level Courses Being Identified
*2 Technical Director’s Report-Inter-District Scrimmages Take Place End Nov/Beginning Dec
*3 Soccer Across America Report-Springfield Fiesta Report Given, Event Very Successful
*3 KidSafe Background Check Reporting-Leagues Responsible for League Personnel
*3 TOPSoccer Report-Current Activities of TOPSoccer Program Reported
*3 US Soccer 100% Rule-Clarification of Rule as it is Now Being Used
*3 State Office Budget Amendment-State Office Budget Reduced by Significant Amount
*4 Change in Due Date for Data Submission-Data Now Due at Same Time as Fees
*4 Secretary’s Report-Waivers Granted to U12 Teams ith Greater Number of Players
*4 Secretary’s Report-Hearing of Registration Violation Held, Games Forfeited
*4 Adjudication Committee Report-Decision on Dimkov Appeal Still Pending
*4 Adjudication Committee Report-Hearing to be Held Regarding Player Assault by Referee
*4 KidSafe Committee Report-Information on Concussions Available on CDC Web Site
*4 KidSafe Committee Report-Session on Concussions to be Held at Convention
*4 Tournament Sanctioning-Authorized Signers Changed
*4 Vice President’s Report-Soccer Complex Updates Reported
*5 President’s Report-Fee Increase at US Youth Soccer Tabled
*5 President’s Report-No December Board Meeting Scheduled

A. Treasurer’s Report
B. State Administrator’s Report
C. Technical Director’s Report
D. Soccer Across America Report
E. TOPSoccer Report
F. Adjudication Committee Report

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