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October 2010 Minutes Cover

October 20, 2010 Board Meeting
Items of Special Interest


*1 Approval of Minutes -August Minutes approved as corrected, September Minutes Approved
*2 Goal Safety-Proposed Goal Safety Policy Discussed, Committee Will Explore
*2 Treasurer’s Report-Financial Reports Distributed
*2 State Administrator’s Report-Many Clubs Past Due Submitting Fees, Data is Due Nov 1
*2 State Administrator’s Report-Background Checks Due December 1
*2 State Administrator’s Report-Minutes Now Being Sent By E-Mail and Posted on Web Site
*3 State Administrator’s Report-Club Requests Information on Bullying Policy
*3 State Administrator’s Report-Region I Meeting Information Shared
*3 State Administrator’s Report-VYSA Convention Set for January, Session Topics Needed
*3 State Administrator’s Report-Nationwide Sponsorship Nearing Required Numbers
*3 Technical Director’s Report-National Youth License Course Scheduled for November
*3 Technical Director’s Report-Long Range Plans for F Modules Being Developed
*3 Technical Director’s Report-New Instructors for Lower Level Courses Being Trained
*3 Technical Director’s Report-License Requirements for Instructors Changed
*3 Technical Director’s Report-Clubs Contacted to Encourage Hosting Coaching Courses
*3 Technical Director’s Report-US Youth Soccer Developing Online Education
*3 Technical Director’s Report-Tech Dept Considering Online Course Evaluations
*3 Technical Director’s Report-Webinar Used as part of National C Course Being Fine Tuned
*3 Technical Director’s Report-Intra-District Scrimmages Scheduled for Nov and Dec
*3 Technical Director’s Report-State Pools to be Selected and Training to Begin Afterward
*3 TOPSoccer Report-Working with adaptive PE Teacher in South Boston
*4 TOPSoccer Report-Chair Plans to Reach Out Directly to Communities
*4 TOPSoccer Report-Chair Reviewing Massachusetts DVD and New Jersey Program
*4 TOPSoccer Report-VYSA to Host Region I TOPSoccer Symposium this Spring
*4 Soccer Across America-Board Approves Extension of Status for Two Clubs
*4 Soccer Across America-Springfield to Host Soccer Across America Fiesta
*4 Secretary’s Report-Board Approves Membership of Two Former and One New Club
*4 Field Complex-No New Business to Report
*4 Adjudication Committee Report-Distributed to Board
*4 President’s Report-US Youth Soccer Loses adidas Contract, Fees May Increase
*4 President’s Report-Loss of adidas Contract Results in Cutting of National ODP Tournament
*5 President’s Report-Region I Rec Meeting Announced; DVD Nearly Ready
*5 President’s Report-Region I Rec Chair Asks US Youth to Complete Current Projects
*5 Good of the Game-Moment of Silence for Passing of Mavis Derflinger
*5 Good of the Game-Former Coach of the Year Passes
*5 Good of the Game-Good Information on Concussions on CDC Web Site

A. Treasurer’s Report
B. State Administrator’s Report
C. Technical Director’s Report
D. Adjudication Committee Report

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