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October 2010 Minutes


PLEASE NOTE: This VYSA mailing is being sent to each members’ Chief Executive Officer presently on file at the State Office unless another individual has been designated to the State Administrator, Julie Caramanica. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF EACH INDIVIDUAL RECEIVING THIS MAILING TO DISTRIBUTE TO ALL APPROPRIATE OFFICIALS OF THEIR CLUB OR LEAGUE.

October 20, 2010

The regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Virginia Youth Soccer Association, Inc., was called to order by President Denise Edwards at the Ramada Plaza Richmond West Hotel at 7:30 pm. Board members present were:

Denise Edwards President
Bob Maynes Vice President
Debi Honaker Secretary
Ken Bass North Recreational Commissioner #1
Steve Bender North Recreational Commissioner #2
Tom Gross DC Recreational Commissioner
Roger Underhill Central Recreational Commissioner
Bob Sokolinsky Southeast Recreational Commissioner
John Singleton West Recreational Commissioner
Anne Thompson #2 WAGS Travel Commissioner
Chris Friant #3 VSLI Travel Commissioner
Bill Mueller #5 SOCA Skyline Travel Commissioner
Robert Helms #6 NCSL Travel Commissioner

Board Members Jim Bonfils and Dave Amsler were excused. Also present were Julie Caramanica (VYSA Administrator) and Gordon Miller (State Technical Director/ODP Chair).

A motion was made and seconded to approve the August 18, 2010, minutes. Bob Maynes asked the wording concerning the timing of the planting of grass fields be changed. The minutes were approved as corrected. A motion was made and seconded to approve the September 15, 2010, minutes. The minutes were approved.

The Board went into Executive Session to make selections for this years award winners.


VYSA has the responsibility to do everything practical to make the game as safe as possible and we need to ensure that our clubs take this issue seriously. Board members agreed that it must be decided what action is reasonable for a Board and a State Association to take. It was suggested that VYSA explore what standards should be set and research what has been done in other states. Board members agreed that all clubs should use warning stickers, available from VYSA, on all their goals. Coaches need to be educated to inspect goals before every practice and every game. VYSA can encourage clubs to change to newer, safer goals and get rid of older, unsafe goals. More and continued education is needed; clubs need to have written policies that are communicated frequently throughout the season. Communications must also be provided in Spanish. Bob Sokolinsky, Robert Helms, Steve Bender, and Chris Friant volunteered to serve on a sub-committee to study this issue and develop a policy, which will be reviewed by the VYSA attorney and insurance company, then brought to the Board for approval.

Steve Bender expressed his concerns about incidents regarding disregard of goal safety. He reported that Illinois has a very strict disciplinary policy which includes fines and suspensions against coaches and referees in violation of goal safety policies. Steve suggested VYSA have its own policy, but perhaps not as strict. Board members agreed that goal safety is a high priority, but noted several concerns with the Illinois policy. Board members agreed that even if clubs are required to have signed compliance forms, it is difficult to enforce whether all coaches were actually taught about goal safety. Some questioned whether to include in the policy that goals can never be moved by players, even if supervised by adults. Others expressed concern that some clubs may leave our association rather than comply with such strict requirements.

The Treasurer’s Report (Attachment A) was distributed.

The State Administrator’s Report (Attachment B) was distributed. Julie Caramanica

reported that 35 clubs still have not submitted fees that were due October 1st. Data is due November 1st. Those who use Demosphere for online registration need not send their data to VYSA, but must make sure that their data has been entered into the Demosphere system and is up to date. Background checks should be completed by December 1st.

The August and September minutes were sent through Constant Contact to all Board members. Now that they have been approved, they will be posted on the VYSA web site and sent to Presidents and Administrators of all member clubs and leagues.

A club contacted the State Office for information about a bullying policy. Any information available may be sent to the State Office and will be shared with those requesting it.

Julie reported that, at the Region I meeting, she learned the importance of getting help from schools and smaller "pockets" in the communities in order to grow the number of players in our programs. The importance of communication of information about goal safety, TOPSoccer, and Soccer Across America was also noted.

The VYSA Convention will be held on January 21, 22, 2011. Members are encouraged to contact the State Office with ideas for session topics. Online registration will be available shortly.

As of this month, 75 VYSA members have signed up for the Nationwide Insurance through its Affinity Program. VYSA will show benefit from the sponsorship once the total reaches 101.

The Technical Director’s Report (Attachment C) was distributed. Gordon Miller reported that the National Youth License Course will be held in Virginia Beach in November. Enrollment is low, more applicants are needed. Registrations are being accepted for the winter D, E, and F courses.

A long-range plan for F modules is being developed. Potential instructors are now being interviewed. Licensing requirements for new instructors of lower level courses will be changed. They will be carefully trained and mentored. Staff training will be thorough and ongoing. It was noted that the current pay structure for instructors will remain the same.

Contacts are being made with clubs that have hosted these courses, as well as with clubs that have not hosted courses. US Youth Soccer is developing an on-line F education course which will be available next year. The Technical Department is considering an online instructor/course evaluation system, which will be more specific to content to better measure the effect of coaching education content and its instructors.

Gordon was asked about the webinar that was part of the C License Course in August. He noted that it went well, but he would like to fine-tune it some for future courses.

ODP intra-district games are scheduled for November 20 - 21 and December 4 - 5. The format for the first weekend is district vs district. Players will be scrambled the second weekend. State pools will then be selected and state training will begin the following weekend.

Bob Sokolinsky is working with an adaptive PE teacher in South Boston to integrate TOPSoccer with an area club. His experience working with club leadership has not been positive, so he plans to reach out directly to teachers, parents, and others with children who may want to participate. He would also like to invite district reps to help him reach out to more players.

Bob will be reviewing a DVD from Massachusetts and plans to learn more about New Jersey’s TOPSoccer Day. He would like to include TOPSoccer players in the Kohl’s Cup.

VYSA will host the Region I TOPSoccer symposium in late March.

Steve Bender reported that Charlotte County Soccer Club and Southside Soccer Club had previously been approved by the Soccer Across America Committee. Since the three-year point of full funding has passed, the Board must approve extending their participation for another year. A motion was made, seconded, and approved to extend Soccer Across America status for one additional year to those two clubs.

Steve Bender announced that a Soccer Across America Fiesta is being held in Springfield this coming weekend. He noted excellent support from the community. US Youth Soccer is sending a production team to film the event.

Debi Honaker reported that three soccer clubs have applied for membership. Kingstowne Soccer Association and South Hill YMCA Rec Soccer are both former members that are now re-applying. FC Amelia (which is separate from Amelia Independent Youth Soccer League) also applied, but its application was not complete. A suggestion was made to set a deadline by which any missing parts of membership applications must be received. A motion was made and seconded to accept Kingstowne Soccer Association (dependent on submission of fees), South Hill YMCA Rec Soccer, and FC Amelia (dependent on submission of rules) into VYSA membership. The motion was approved.

Bob Maynes reported that Roy Pepper did not attend this meeting because there is not much new to report. A meeting concerning the complex is planned for next week.

The Adjudication Committee Report (Attachment D) was distributed.

Denise Edwards reported that, at the Region I meeting, she learned as of December 31, 2010, adidas will no longer be a sponsor of US Youth Soccer. This will result in a loss of $3 million in revenue. One million dollars will be taken out of US Youth Soccer’s reserve funds to be used until new sponsorship is found. US Youth Soccer is looking at its budget to see where cuts can be made; a fee increase is likely. The ODP National Tournament, which is funded by US Youth Soccer and the four Regions, is expected to be cut. Regions I and IV may plan their own National ODP Tournaments.

Bob Maynes reported that he learned from the Region I Recreation meeting that the next DVD is almost ready and that Sam Snow is developing on-line education. Region I Recreation Committee Chair Andrea Duffy was asked to speak with US Youth Soccer to request that funding not be cut for these and other projects already under way.

A moment of silence was held for Mavis Derflinger, who recently passed away.

Julie Caramanica reported that former VYSA Coach of the Year John LeLay also passed away this past week.

John Singleton noted that there is an excellent article about concussions on the CDC website. A link to the article is on the VYSA website.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:10 pm.

Prepared by
Julie Caramanica
VYSA Administrator

November 16, 2010, at the Ramada Plaza Richmond West Hotel.



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