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September 2010 Minutes Cover

September 15, 2010 Board Meeting

Items of Special Interest

*1 Approval of Previous Minutes-Minutes Not Yet Approved, Sent By E-Mail
*2 State Administrator’s Report-Office Move Going Well, Office Closed Week of Move
*2 State Administrator’s Report-Fall Registrations Due, Reminded to Use New Address
*2 State Administrator’s Report-Insurance Certificates not Provided Until Fees Are Received
*2 State Administrator’s Report-Reminder Monthly Minutes Sent Electronically Now
*2 State Administrator’s Report-VYSA Now Has Facebook Page, All Invited to Sign Up As Fans
*2 State Administrator’s Report-US Youth Soccer Workshop Registrations Due
*2 State Administrator’s Report-VYSA Soccer Convention Date Set for January 21, 22, 2011
*2 Technical Director’s Report-Second National Youth License Scheduled in November
*2 Technical Director’s Report-National C License Successful with 43 Attendees
*3 Technical Director’s Report-State Courses Going Well, Many Attendees in Recent Courses
*3 Technical Director’s Report-New Training for U5 and U6 Coaches Being Developed
*3 Technical Director’s Report-Coaching Clinics Held with Several Clubs
*3 Technical Director’s Report-Coaching Education Instructor Evaluation Done
*3 Technical Director’s Report-Compliments Given for Focus on Coaching Education
*3 Technical Director’s Report-Online Coaching Ed Being Considered, Many Suggestions Given
*3 Technical Director’s Report-ODP District Training Begun, New Staff Being Identified and Trained
*3 TOPSoccer Report-Program Becoming More Active, Letter to Membership Being Developed
*3 TOPSoccer Report-VYSA Hopes to Host Region I Symposium
*3 TOPSoccer Report-TOPSoccer Looking for Sponsorship
*3 TOPSoccer Report-Volunteers Very Important Resource for This Program
*4 TOPSoccer Report-High School Volunteer Obligations Can Be Met Volunteering for TOPSoccer
*4 Presidents Cup Report-Applications Still Coming, Deadline Approaching
*4 Presidents Cup Report-Hopes Numbers of Teams Will Increase, Very Large Nationally
*4 State Cup Report-Bond Requirement for U19 Age Group Considered Due to Many Forfeits
*4 State Cup Report-Clubs Will be Asked to Take Responsibility or Bond Will be Charged
*4 Treasurer’s Report-Financial Records Look to be in Order
*4 Treasurer’s Report-Final Report for Prior Year Expected Next Month
*4 Treasurer’s Report-Treasurer Tracking Accounts Receivable to Keep Past Due Low
*4 Treasurer’s Report-Investment Committee Reviews VYSA Investments, Shows Good Growth
*5 Treasurer’s Report-Investment Committee Met With Broker and Plans to Make Adjustments
*5 Treasurer’s Report-Committee Approved to Move Forward with Line of Credit Against Investment
*5 Treasurer’s Report-Use of Line of Credit Requires Board Vote
*5 Spotsylvania Sports Complex Report-Board Updated on Progress of Spotsylvania Project
*5 Secretary’s Report-Two Applications for Membership Approved
*5 President’s Report-E-Mail Regarding Nutrition Proves to be Promotion of Senders Products
*5 President’s Report-Board to Consider Goal Safety Regulations Next Meeting
*6 Good of the Game-Spotsylvania County Very Supportive with State Office Move
*6 Good of the Game-Colonial Heights Separates Boys and Girls in Club, Increases Girls Numbers
*6 Good of the Game-Colonial Heights Joins with Hopewell and Prince George Soccer
*6 Good of the Game-Southside Soccer Club Requests Soccer Across America Status

A. Treasurer’s Report
B. State Administrator’s Report
C. Technical Director’s Report
D. TOPSoccer Report








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