About VYSA

The Virginia Youth Soccer Association (VYSA) is a non-profit, charitable corporation devoted to promoting youth soccer in the Commonwealth of Virginia and the District of Columbia. The members of VYSA are organizations of teams having amateur players under 19 years of age prior to August 1 immediately before the start of the next seasonal year. (September 1 of one year through August 31 of the next year.) 

VYSA has over 143,000 registered players and provides soccer programs and activities for its members.  It also has opportunities to develop significant sponsorship and financial support for these programs and activities and those of its members, thus reducing the cost of its programs to its members.

Membership in VYSA also brings with it membership in the United States Youth Soccer Association (US Youth Soccer) and US Youth Soccer’s Region I (Virginia - Maine).  US Youth Soccer develops and promotes youth soccer in 50 states and the District of Columbia.  It currently has over 3,000,000 youth soccer players, with Region I having over 1,000,000 of those players.  US Youth Soccer is a National Association member of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF). USSF is the governing body of soccer in the United States, as recognized by the United States Olympic Committee and the International Olympic Committee, that develops soccer at all levels, youth and adult, amateur and professional.

VYSA currently identifies two types of organizations as members: recreational team organizations and travel team organizations.

A recreational team organization is primarily interested in competition within its own community, at a recreational level, where participation and learning the skills of soccer are stressed. Players on recreational teams are registered to US Youth Soccer through VYSA.

A travel team organization provides high level competition among teams from neighboring communities, other states, and other countries. Players on travel teams must be individually registered to US Youth Soccer by VYSA.  This registration includes verification of date of birth, an assigned ID number and an ID photo. 

The activities of VYSA are governed by a Board of Directors elected annually by its members. VYSA currently depends primarily on player registration fees to fund its programs and activities. Of each player’s registration fee, $2.00 is paid to USSF and US Youth Soccer to help meet the costs of national programs and activities. The remainder of the fee is used to fund VYSA programs and activities.

Programs of VYSA

Coaching Courses and the Coaching Education Program
VYSA, in conjunction with the local adult amateur association, the Metropolitan DC-Virginia Soccer Association, has a  Coaching  Education Program. The Program offers the following:


1. USSF Coaching Courses:

  • "F" Certificate Course -- 6 hours each module
    • U6-U8 Module
      U8-U10 Module
      U10-U12 Module
  • "E" Certificate Course -- 18 hours
  • "D" License Course -- 36 hours

2. Speaker’s Forum courses are instruction courses about soccer. A Forum course can be a topic of your own choosing and can be tailored to meet your needs.

Training Aids and Materials and Lending Library
The VYSA State Office keeps a supply of training materials such as rule books, coaches’ training books and video tapes available.  Many items are available at no cost while others are available for purchase.

VYSA currently maintains five lending libraries, located in Roanoke, Richmond, Virginia Beach, Loudoun, and the State Office in Northern Virginia.  Members, coaches, and officials of members are encouraged to take advantage of the books, tapes, and resource materials available.

VYSA requires all members to be insured.  Members of VYSA may have their own insurance (meeting the liability minimums established by VYSA) or, as part of their registration fees, they may use accident, medical and liability insurance from VYSA.  In addition, VYSA provides Directors and Officers liability insurance at no cost for all of its members.

Referee Training and Development
VYSA, through the State Referee Program, provides for referee training, a soccer referee academy to develop referees, USSF certification, USSF recertification, upgrading and performance assessment.

In addition, VYSA participates in the US Youth Soccer Young Refeee of the Year Program.  Each year VYSA selects a Young Female Referee of the Year and a Young Male Referee of the Year.  The 2 recipients of thes awards are then eligible to compete for selection as the Region I Young Referee of the Year, and the regional winners are eligible for selection as the National Young Female and Male Referees of the Year.

VYSA also provides for further referee and referee assessor development by sending referees and assessors to the Region I Olympic Development Program Tournament and the US Youth Soccer Regional and National Championships.

KidSafe/Risk Management
US Youth Soccer has adopted the KidSafe Program in order to exclude from participation in its activities all persons who have been convicted of felonies, crimes of violence, or crimes against children.  US Youth Soccer requires that all coaches and administrators be registered in the KidSafe program and VYSA requires background checks be done on all those registered.

Virginia Youth Soccer Convention
Each year an annual convention and awards reception is held by VYSA offering to its members coaching demonstrations and lectures, clinics on soccer-related topics, and referee lectures, as well as an exhibitor show.

VYSA annually selects and honors the recipient of the Adele Dolansky Exemplary Service Award, the Girls and Boys Competitive and Recreational Coaches of the Year,  the Volunteer and Administrator of the Year, and the Young Referees of the Year, and inducts members into the Virginia-DC Soccer Hall of Fame.

Hall of Fame
VYSA, along with the Metro DC-VA Soccer Association, and DC United, recognizes those from the Commonwealth of Virginia and the District of Columbia who have made notable contributions to our sport.

Olympic Development Program
The US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program, or ODP as it is more commonly called, is a national identification and development program for high-level players.  The program identifies and develops youth players throughout the country.

ODP teams are selected by VYSA and Region I, made up of the best boys and girls players in various age groups.  In VYSA, pools of players are identified within each district of VYSA (North, Central, Southeast, and West) in each age group.  The district teams are then brought together to develop their skills through training and competition.  VYSA selects state player pools for each age group from the district player pools.  Players in VYSA state player pools are identified for regional and national pools and teams.

Soccer Across America
Soccer Start, a US Youth Soccer program, is designed to reach out to children in under-served and socio-economically disadvantaged places in order to offer them an on-going program of positive sports activities through soccer.

The US Youth Soccer TOPSoccer program (The Outreach Program for Soccer) is a community-based training and team placement program for young athletes with disabilities, organized by VYSA volunteers.

Tournaments and Travel
One of the many benefits of membership in US Youth Soccer is the ability to travel to neighboring states, or even foreign countries to participate in tournaments or other competition against teams from other organizations who are members of US Youth Soccer, USSF,  or FIFA (the world governing body of soccer). In addition, many VYSA member organizations, both recreational and travel, host tournaments where teams from other parts of the United States and other countries come to Virginia and the District of Columbia to participate in a variety of competitions.

VYSA Kohl’s American Cup
The Kohl’s American Cup is a statewide tournament for recreational teams.  This Cup is sponsored by Kohl’s, US Youth Soccer and VYSA and run by VYSA.

VYSA State Cup Championships
State Cup champions are declared each year in every age group from Under-12 to Under-19 for both boys and girls teams. The competition is open only to teams whose players have been individually registered to US Youth Soccer through VYSA and that comply with all the specific player and team requirements of US Youth Soccer.  Winning teams at the state level are then eligible for competition at the regional and national levels.  Currently, winning boys and girls teams in the Under 12 through Under 19 age groups qualify to compete at the regional level, and teams winning at the regional level in the under 13 through Under 19 age groups qualify to compete at the national level.  The regional  and national competitions are called the US Youth Soccer Regional Championships and the US Youth Soccer National Championships.

Region I Premier League
Region I offers a Premier League.  The Champions of the Premier League will compete in their age group in the US Youth Soccer Regional Championships.  The league offeres competition in the spring for both boys and girls in the Under 14 through Under 18 age groups.

Region I Directors Cup Summer League
Region I offers a Directors Summer League.  The Championships of both the Premier Flight and the Division I Flight of this league represent Region I at the US Youth Soccer Director’s League Championships.  The league offers competition for both boys and girls in the Under 13 through Under 19 age groups.

Public Relations
VYSA provides information about soccer at all levels - youth, high school, adult amateur, Olympic, professional and national teams.  The activities of USSF, US Youth Soccer, and VYSA, together with its member organizations and their clubs, teams, and players, are publicized through periodic press releases and the VYSA web site, and through regular communication by e-mail to all registered players, coaches, administrators and others in the soccer community throughout Virginia and the District of Columbia.

Other Benefits Enjoyed by VYSA Members
Being a member of VYSA provides increased local credibility as a member of a nationally and internationally recognized organization.

Membership in VYSA also provides increased local and regional civic impact not enjoyed by independent local clubs which is often useful in securing the creation or improvement of soccer facilities, i.e., game and practice fields, etc.  In addition, VYSA’s membership in the Virginia Recreation and Park Society provides it with the opportunity to cooperate with local government recreation programs throughout Virginia in the promotion of soccer, particularly youth soccer. 

Above all, membership in Virginia Youth Soccer Association brings with it the opportunity to support the growth of soccer throughout Virginia and the District of Columbia.

For further information contact:

Julie Caramanica, VYSA State Administrator
VYSA State Office

5450 Southpoint Plaza Way
Fredericksburg, VA 22407
Phone:  540 693-1430 local
             540 693-1440 fax
e-mail: vysa@vysa.com
web site:  www.vysa.com

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