Fall 2017 Presidents Cup Brackets
 Presidents Cup Fall 2017
Division Champion Finalist Result
Under 12 9v9 Boys HERN Estudiantes Red PAC Elite 06 Navy 5:0
Under 12 9v9 Girls Loudoun Soccer 06G Black SYA Cardinals 06G White 1:0
Under 13 Boys STAF Revolution 05B Blue FCSC United 05B Black 3:1
Under 13 Girls LOUD 05G Black Winchester United 05G 2:1
Under 14 Boys Beach FC 04B Black ARL 2004B White 2:0
Under 14 Girls VAR 04G Rush VBTS Beach FC04GBlack 1:0
Under 15 Boys ARL Arlington 03B White MUSC Fire Black 2:0
Under 15 Girls Beach FC 03G Black Arlington 03G White 1:0
Under 16 Boys ARL 2002B White BRYC Elite Academy U16 Elite 5:1
Under 16 Girls Beach FC ARL 2002 Girls White 3:0
Under 17 Boys VLSC U17 Wizards Green Arlington U17B White 2:1
Under 17 Girls Beach FC 01G Black Virginia Rush 01G Nero 3:0
Under 18 Boys VAR Rush VSL TAFC Spartans 00 2:0
Under 18 Girls STAF Revolution 00G Blue MUSC Flames 2:1 PK
Under 12 9v9 Boys Bracket
Under 13 Boys Bracket
Under 14 Boys Bracket
Under 15 Boys Bracket
Under 16 Boys Bracket
Under 17 Boys Bracket
Under 18 Boys Bracket
Under 12 9v9 Girls Bracket
Under 13 Girls Bracket
Under 14 Girls Bracket
Under 15 Girls Bracket
Under 16 Girls Bracket
Under 17 Girls Bracket
Under 18 Girls Bracket



Please read carefully.   

***when will I know my game schedule? The schedule for each weekend will come out on the Sunday before your next Saturday game. This is a week in advance of your game.

***What Roster will I use? All teams will use their league roster for Presidents Cup games.

***Can I have guest players or club pass players?  There are no guest players or club pass players allowed for the State portion of the Presidents Cup. Each player must be currently rostered to your league roster in order to be eligible to play

***What will I need at the games?

1. You will need to bring a copy of your league roster and all of your player's passes. Your passes can be laminated or not. There is no requirement for a laminated pass unless you go to the Regional Championship.

2. You will also need passes for your team officials. The team officials that will be on your sidelines must be listed on your VYSA league roster, either front or back and must have a team official pass for your team. You may have up to four team officials on the team sidelines. Only teams and their team officials may be on the team sidelines during the game. Referees will check passes for players and for team officials against the roster.

3. Fill out the game report form and bring it to the game. The team listed first on the schedule is the home team. (this form can be found on the Presidents Cup web page and can be filled out on line and then printed) You will see a phone number and pin number on the game report form. This is the number and pin the winning team will use to call in the game score. Please do this before you leave the field. Also the game report form will be picked up by the winning team from the referee and mailed to the address on the game report form. Please do this no later than Monday after your game.

***4. Bring a copy of the Presidents Cup Rules with you. Print the rules from the Presidents Cup web page on vysa.com.

***What if I have a league game scheduled on the same Saturday? You will need to contact your league and let them know you are playing in a Presidents Cup game. They will reschedule your league game for you. It will be up to you to make this contact.

***Can I make a scheduling request? After the schedule is published you may not make a scheduling request. Your team may request a morning or an afternoon game, but may not request another date. We will try to honor requests, but coaches with more than one team, travel distance for games and available fields and referees will be considered first.  Requests for each weekend must be received by the Saturday evening at 7:00 pm 1 week before your game.

***Can we bring pets to the games?  Most fields don’t allow pets. Unless you know for sure your pet is welcome don’t bring them with you. The Virginia Soccer Training Center (VSTC) does not allow pets.

Thanks for reading everything.

The U16 Girls Burke Soccer Blitz are the Presidents Cup National Champions. 
Click or copy and paste the above link and then on the video to see our girls in action!
Two of our Virginia State Champions won the Presidents Cup Regional Championships in West Virginia and are now on their way to play in the National Championship games in Auburndale, FL. The games begin July 12, with the Championship game held on July 17.
Good luck to our U13 VAR Rush 04 girls and to our U16 Burke Soccer BAC Blitz 01 girls.
Our Best Wishes go with your teams as they travel to the
Presidents Cup National Championships.





Fall 2016 Presidents Cup Brackets
 Presidents Cup Fall 2016
Division Champion Finalist Result
Under 12 8v8 Boys PWSI Courage Boys 2005 Red DFC Gremio 7:1
Under 12 8v8 Girls HERN Curve- Black BRYC 05 Elite Blue 3:2
Under 13 Boys GRFL 2004 Blue Boys Beach FC 04B Black 5:0
Under 13 Girls VAR 2004G Rush ARL 2004G White 7:0
Under 14 Boys ARL 2003 Boys White WIN United 03B 6:1
Under 14 Girls Beach FC 03G Black VAR 03G Nero 4:0
Under 15 Boys VIST Barrio Boys Elite ARL 2002B White 2:0
Under 15 Girls Beach FC 02G Black ARL 2002 Girls U15 White 2:0
Under 16 Boys PWSI Courage Boys 2001 Red CYA 01GoldB 5:0
Under 16 Girls BAC Blitz VAR 01G Nero 5:0
Under 17 Boys VAR Rush 00B VSL ARL 2000B White 2:1
Under 17 Girls VAR 00G Nero Beach FC 01G Black 1:0 PK
Under 12 8v8 Boys Bracket
Under 13 Boys Bracket
Under 14 Boys Bracket
Under 15 Boys Bracket
Under 16 Boys Bracket
Under 17 Boys Bracket
Under 12 8v8 Girls Bracket
Under 13 Girls Bracket
Under 14 Girls Bracket
Under 15 Girls Bracket
Under 16 Girls Bracket
Under 17 Girls Bracket
Presidents Cup
U12, U13, U14, U15, U16 and U17 Boys and Girls Age Groups
The Presidents Cup competition takes place in the Fall for all age groups, U12 through U17 for both boys and girls.
The fee to enter is $400.00 per team. Each team will enter and pay the fee online. Each team will play the entire competition on their league roster and there are no guest players or club pass players allowed for Presidents Cup.
The application is filled out online and your team's online payment is required to be considered for this Cup. There will be no need to send the league roster to the State Office.
2015 Presidents Cup
Presidents Cup Game Schedule
Semifinals, Saturday, November 4th and Finals, Sunday, November 5th
Welcome the Semi-Final round of the Presidents Cup 2017-2018
Please click on the schedule link at the end of this article for the game schedule.
Note for Saturday Nov 4th - We have made some changes to the previous schedule. The biggest scedule changes were made for a coach whose sister was getting married in the afternoon on November 4 and U18 teams that requested late for SAT testing for their players. With the exception of these reasons most teams remained fairly close to the scheduled published last week.

1.   FINAL FOUR WELCOME LETTER & REMINDERS:  Teams managers and coaches should familiarize themselves with the "Final Four Welcome Letter" document emailed to each team and the "Final Four Reminders" document - that can be found in the left hand column on this page.

2.  DOGS AND OTHER ANIMALS:  As a reminder, DO NOT bring dogs or other animals to the Publix Virginia Soccer Training Center (PVSTC).  We only allow "Service Animals" at PVTSC.

3.   TRAVEL CONSIDERATIONS: Teams should be sure to leave enough travel time - check traffic often - this is especially important for those who need to travel on I95 or US64.  Travel Motto - Leave early and check traffic often.  With the number of State Cup and President's Cup Final Games at the facility on Sunday, as well as games at FFC Park, please be sure to allow extra time for arrival and parking.

4.   PLAYER PASSES & ROSTERS:  ALL Players and ALL Coaches/Team Officials must have passes; NO Pass = NO Play for players; NO Pass = NO sitting on the bench or team side of the field for all team officials.  Only 4 coaches/team officials may sit on the team bench for the match and they must be listed on the VYSA League Roster.  Each team must have a hard copy of your VYSA League Roster to show at the check-in.  Electronic versions of passes and rosters ARE NOT acceptable.

Finals are listed by age group, without team names as we will not have the two final teams prior to releasing the schedule. The Sunday, November 5 schedule is very tight as we are playing both the Presidents Cup and the State Cup finals on Sunday, November 5. Any changes to the published schedule will be for referee or field availability issues. 

Congratulations to all teams--Good Luck---Safe Travels






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