F.U.N. Coaching Courses!
VYSA Coaching Education is pleased to announce the creation of two new entry level coaching courses that will assist coaches to be successful on the field with these young age groups.
The courses use the acronym F.U.N,. which in the end,
is why young players want to play soccer to begin with!
F: Facilitate an age appropriate learning environment for young players
U: Understand the physical, psychological and technical aspects that allow a young player to progress 
N: Nurture and instill a love for the game in all the players in your charge

Each course will consider the role of the coach and what it means to create a F.U.N. environment. To successfully coach a player, a coach must know what makes them go, how to motivate them and how to instill a life-long love of the game.
F.U.N. U6-U8:  Introductory Coaching and Field Module

This course examines the U6 and U8 player and provides tips and practical sessions for a coach to provide a FUN and positive learning experience for this youngest age group.

F.U.N. U8-U10:  Introductory Coaching and Field Module

This is the “Golden Age” of player development and providing the right environment is crucial to keeping players engaged. Dynamic technical activities and the small sided game will be presented to help the coach step on the field confident that he/she will provide a creative, positive and instructional training session for their young players.


Each course takes three hours with 1 hour dedicated to classroom instruction and 2 hours spent on field work.
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The registration fee for each
F.U.N. Module is $30


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