Coaching Education Program Information

 The Virginia Youth Soccer Association (VYSA) and the Metropolitan D.C. Virginia Soccer Association (MDCVSA), as representatives of the United States Soccer Federation, have developed the Virginia Metro-DC Coaching Education Program. The Program offers the following:

Coaching License and Certificate Courses
These courses lead to the awarding of a state or national coaching license at the "D" level, a license at the "E" level, and a state coaching certificate at the "F" levels. Licenses and certificates are awarded only through this program.

The courses are designed to provide instruction in soccer coaching for any individual regardless of coaching and playing background. Any interested person, whether or not the individual is connected with a member of VYSA or MDCVSA, is eligible to attend a course.

The content of the three license and certificate courses is arranged progressively with a follow-up into the next level. The "F" Course -- the introductory course -- is divided into three age specific courses 5 hours long (U6 - U8, U8-U10, U10-U12) modeled after the National Youth License. Attendance at all five hours will entitle the student coach to an age specific "F" certificate. This course is designed for parents and starting coaches who have little or no coaching education or experience. The "E" Course has changed and now consists of precourse requirements and 18-20 hours of instruction including a practical coaching test.  Attendance at all 18 hours will entitle the student coach to an "E" license. The most advanced course at the state level is the "D" Course. It consists of 32 hours of instruction (including coaching practice) and four hours of examination. It is a progression from the "E" course and is designed for coaches of teenage players. Successful completion of the "D" course with sufficient grade points is required before coaches are eligible to take the National "C" License course.

Speaker’s Forum Courses
The Virginia Coaching Education will provide staff instructors to address a topic of your own choosing. The length of a session can be tailored to meet your needs.

Course Instructors
The Virginia Metro-DC Coaching Education Program will provide the instructor for a course and, to the maximum extent practicable, will assign a particular instructor requested by name. Only an instructor approved by the Virginia Metro-DC Coaching Education Program may teach these courses.  All Virginia Coaching Education instructors for the D license courses are "A" licensed coaches and hold a National Youth License. All Virginia Coaching Education instructors for the "E" license and "F"  certficate courses are "A" or "B" licensed coaches and hold a National Youth License.  All instructors have successfully completed an extensive apprentice program.

Course Sponsor and Fees
Any member of VYSA or MDCVSA may sponsor any of the courses offered by the Virginia Metro-DC Coaching Education Program. The member absorbs all course costs directly and pays to the VYSA State Office the fee for the course. The VYSA State Office will pay the instructor out of this fee.  Costs of travel, hotel, and food for out of town instructors are paid to the instructor directly from the member organization hosting the course. Beginning September 1, 2010, the Virginia Metro-DC Coaching Education Program will be as follows: For the "F" course, $45 for each VYSA member candidate ($60 for non-members); for the "E" course, $100 for each VYSA member candidate ($120 for non-members); for the "D" course, $225 for each VYSA member candidate ($245 for non-members); Speaker’s Forum Session is $38 an hour. For the "E" and "F" courses, a minimum of 12 students must be paid for and a minimum of 16 students must be paid for in the "D" course. Fees may be increased due to site costs.  (Please note:  The cost of the Coaching Education courses for non-members - those who do not coach for a VYSA team, regardless of residence- is greater than the course fee for member coaches.)

The Virginia Metro-DC Coaching Education Program may also periodically host the "A", "B" and "C" and the National Youth License coaching courses. Information will be posted when these courses are available. The fee for each course will vary depending on the expenses involved in putting on the courses.

An educational institution or other person may sponsor a course with the Virginia Metro-DC Coaching Education Program approval. For further information about the procedures and fees involved, contact the VYSA State Office.

For further information, please contact:

Virginia Metro-DC Coaching Education Program

Jackie Burket, Coaching Ed Administrator or
Julie Caramanica,  Administrator

5450 Southpoint Plaza Way
Fredericksburg, VA 22407
Phone: 540 693-1430
Fax: 540 693-1440
Email: jackie@vysa.com

Paul Shaw,  Coaching Ed Director
5450 Southpoint Plaza Way
Fredericksburg, VA 22407 
Phone: 540 693-1430 
Fax: 540 693-1440
Email: Paul@vysa.com

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